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Dave Wyman is co-host of Seattle Sports' Wyman and Bob, which airs from 2-7 p.m. each weekday, and the color commentator of for game broadcasts on the Seahawks Radio Network. He was a second-round Seahawks draft pick in 1987 and spent nine seasons in the NFL with Seattle and Denver. He was a Sporting News All-American and All-Pac-10 linebacker at Stanford, where he received a degree in communications, and is a member of the university's Athletic Hall of Fame.

Wyman’s Seahawks Draft Breakdown: Focus on speed, outside positions

Seahawks color commentator and former NFL linebacker Dave Wyman shares his insider view on Seattle's nine-player draft class.
11 months ago

Wyman: Do Seahawks draft well? What their last 12 drafts tell us

Dave Wyman of Seattle Sports' Wyman and Bob broke every Seahawks draft pick under Pete Carroll and John Schneider to determine if they draft well.
12 months ago

Wyman: Seahawks’ D needs to prove it can shut down screen plays

The Seahawks had a nice showing on defense in last Sunday's 17-0 loss to the Packers, but an old nemesis came back to bite them.
1 year ago

Wyman: A sign of Seahawks pass rusher Darrell Taylor’s big upside

Even with everything Darrell Taylor is already doing, there's something in the Seahawks' defense he's still learning that's actually a sign of how much upside he has.
1 year ago

Seahawks Football 101: Defenses can always hang their hat on being physical

A defense needs something to hang its hat on, Seahawks analyst Dave Wyman says, and even when a team is struggling, that something can be boiled down to just being physical.
1 year ago

Wyman: How Seahawks DE Darrell Taylor dominated vs Steelers

Before leaving with an injury, Seahawks DE Darrell Taylor was having a good game vs. the Steelers. Dave Wyman breaks it down in Football 101.
1 year ago

Wyman: Solving Seahawks’ problems defending screen plays

Screen plays have long been a weak spot in the Seahawks' defense. Dave Wyman breaks down what it looks like when Seattle gets it wrong, and when it gets it right.
1 year ago

Wyman: Where the Seahawks’ struggling defense can make a fix

Where can the Seahawks get better on defense after a rough loss to the Rams? Former NFL LB Dave Wyman breaks it down in Football 101.
1 year ago

Wyman: What exactly the Seahawks’ run defense is struggling against

Dave Wyman sees a trend in the way both the Titans and Vikings succeeded against the Seahawks' struggling run defense. He breaks it down in Football 101.
2 years ago

Wyman: How Seahawks adjusted midgame to Titans’ passing attack

Dave Wyman breaks down how the Seahawks handled two similar passing plays by the Titans, making the right adjustment the second time around.
2 years ago

Wyman: Why Seahawks WR Tyler Lockett’s 69-yard TD catch was so impressive

In the first episode of a new season of Seahawks Football 101, former NFL LB Dave Wyman breaks down Tyler Lockett's biggest play from Sunday's win.
2 years ago

Wyman: 5 Seahawks players we aren’t talking about enough

Which Seahawks go into 2021 deserving of a little more attention? Former NFL linebacker and current Seahawks radio analyst Dave Wyman details his list.
2 years ago

Wyman: NFC West coaching changes will have as much to do with how Seahawks fare as anything

Former NFL linebacker Dave Wyman explains why the player additions and subtractions in the NFC West may not be as important as some coaches leaving the division.
2 years ago

Dave Wyman remembers what made Rusty Tillman, former Seahawks assistant coach, ‘larger than life’

Rusty Tillman, a former NFL linebacker and assistant coach who had a long tenure with the Seahawks, died at the age of 75 last week. Dave Wyman shares some memorable stories about a colorful character.
2 years ago

710 Classic Picks: Laettner’s shot and movie time with Dave Wyman

Dave Wyman of 710 ESPN Seattle's Bob, Dave and Moore explains his Duke fandom and shares an almost encyclopedia knowledge of sports movies.
3 years ago

Wyman: Why Seahawks re-signing Jarran Reed makes sense

Defensive tackles are often unsung heroes of the defense and Dave Wyman says the Seahawks were able to re-sign a very good one in Jarran Reed.
3 years ago

Wyman: Why the Seahawks’ problems are not always what you think

The Seahawks' defense is largely believed to be the problem that needs to be fixed this offseason. But just how responsible was it for Seattle's issues in 2019?
3 years ago

Seahawks Sackstravaganza II: With Russell Wilson, sacks matter less on offense than defense

When the Seahawks came up with sacks in 2019, they made a big impact on opposing teams' drives. But when Russell Wilson was sacked, he was able to limit the damage to Seattle's success.
3 years ago

Wyman: Why do sacks matter? Look at the 26 drives when Seahawks had one

Sacks were hard to come by for the 2019 Seahawks, and the few drives when they did make a sack create an air-tight case for why the pass rush is still a key to success.
3 years ago

Wyman’s Football 101: Bobby Wagner’s pick 6 and Seahawks LB grades

Dave Wyman breaks down the linebacker play of the Seahawks from their 2018 season as well as takes a closer look at one of the more exciting plays of the year.
4 years ago

Wyman’s Football 101: Super Bowl and year-end Seahawks’ DL grades

710 ESPN Seattle's Dave Wyman breaks down the Super Bowl performance from the Patriots' defense and hands out year-end grades for the Seahawks' defensive line
4 years ago

Wyman: How much credit does Solari get for Seahawks’ improved run game?

The Seahawks' running attack made huge strides in 2018, Seattle's first with O-line coach Mike Solari on Pete Carroll's staff. Dave Wyman explains how crucial Solari was for the offense as he continues his Football 101 grades.
4 years ago

Wyman’s Football 101: Grading Seahawks QB Russell Wilson’s season

Dave Wyman puts the focus on No. 3, Russell Wilson, as he grades the Seahawks' Pro Bowl quarterback's 2018 season in the latest edition of Football 101.
4 years ago

Wyman’s Football 101: Grading the Seahawks’ WRs and TEs

Over the next few weeks, Dave Wyman's Football 101 will be handing out grades for the Seahawks season. He starts things off with the pass-catchers, including Tyler Lockett and Doug Baldwin.
4 years ago