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Seahawks CB Quinton Dunbar
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Attorney Michael Grieco says Seahawks CB Quinton Dunbar wasn’t present at alleged robbery

Seahawks CB Quinton Dunbar was acquired this offseason from Washington. (AP)

New Seahawks cornerback Quinton Dunbar was released from Broward County Jail in Florida on Sunday on $100,000 bond, a day after surrendering on four felony counts of armed robbery.

Dunbar’s lawyer, Michael Grieco, joined 710 ESPN Seattle’s John Clayton on Monday to address the case, presenting details that he believes will result in Dunbar being exonerated. For an in-depth story on the interview and the points Grieco made, click here. Here is a quick look at what Grieco had to say.

Grieco says he has sworn affidavits from four people named as victims in the initial police report as well as an additional witness that clear Dunbar from any involvement “directly or indirectly” with the alleged robbery, which New York Giants cornerback DeAndre Baker has also been charged for. Grieco added that either Dunbar wasn’t present at the time of the incident or the incident simply didn’t happen.

“He didn’t see anything when it came to what they’re alleging,” Grieco said. “I can’t speak to whether or not something happened inside the house. I can tell you Mr. Dunbar wasn’t there at the time, if it occurred at all.”

There have been reports that the alleged robbery happened after Dunbar and Baker lost roughly $70,000 in high-stakes gambling days before the alleged Wednesday incident. Grieco called that accusation “completely untrue.” He also said there has been a “mischaracterization” of the relationship between Dunbar, 27, and Baker, 22, and that the two are not close.

Grieco said that Dunbar has no prior criminal history and expects that he’s “going to walk away from this exonerated.”

According to the police report, Baker pulled out a semi-automatic firearm at a cookout Wednesday night, with Dunbar and two other men then assisting “in taking watches and other valuables at the direction of Baker.” There have been conflicting reports as to whether Dunbar also had a weapon during the alleged robbery.

Dunbar released a statement Sunday after his release from jail, which Grieco posted on his Twitter account.

You can listen to the full interview at this link or in the player below. We will have a more detailed story on this interview later today on

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