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Dave Wyman
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Watch: The Search for Wyman – Dave tells the story of his 1991 Pro Line card

Part 2 of our Search For Wyman series is online now. Watch the video above, and find Part 1 below in the story.

If there’s one thing you should know about us at 710 ESPN Seattle, it’s that we love Dave Wyman.

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First, he’s old school in the best sense of the term. There is nothing more genuine than Dave’s love for football, and more specifically football of the extremely physical variety.

Second, he’s funny. Anybody who has heard him during his Storytime segments on Bob, Dave and Moore knows exactly what we’re talking about.

Most important, however, is that he has the most amazing football card of all-time.

Look at that beauty. That’s from the 1991 NFL Players Association Pro Line set, which is maybe the most bonkers set of football trading cards ever created. They used only posed photos (no action shots), everybody was wearing some form of Pro Line gear (hello Zubaz!), and there’s even a card that features one of Dave’s old Seahawks teammates getting ready to play a saxophone. You may think that’s a joke, but it’s not. It really exists.

So why am I bringing all of this up? Well, we had a little fun at the office a few months back, getting seven pairs of 710 ESPN Seattle’s hosts, producers and writers to rip open packs from a box of Pro Line cards we bought, all in the search for that amazing, elusive card of our resident linebacker.

Taylor Jacobs of Seattle Sports Saturday filmed it all, and our video producer at Bonneville Seattle, Steven Baril, cut it all together.

But there’s more.

We saved some of the best cards we found, sat Wyman himself down in front of the camera, and made him tell us stories of every person in that stack. Of course, the last card was the one of himself, and trust me when I say that story may be the best of the bunch.

Part 1, which features the “unboxing,” if you will, is right here.

Part 2, which is essentially a special extended version of Wyman’s Storytime, is available at the top of this post or here on the 710 ESPN Seattle YouTube page.

Here’s a quick teaser of the series.

Coming soon to 710 ESPN Seattle…

Posted by 710 ESPN Seattle on Tuesday, April 14, 2020

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