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Former WSU coach Mike Leach
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Instant Reaction: 710 ESPN Seattle on Mike Leach leaving WSU

Mike Leach has left WSU after eight years to become Mississippi State's head coach. (AP)

Mike Leach is gone, and WSU is officially looking for a new head football coach.

WSU football coach Mike Leach leaves for Mississippi State Bulldogs

Leach was officially named head coach the SEC’s Mississippi State Bulldogs on Thursday after eight seasons and six bowl game appearances with Washington State. We have collected some of the initial thoughts of 710 ESPN Seattle’s voices on Leach’s departure, which you can read below.

The Groz – Every day at 11:45 a.m. with John Clayton

Sorry to see Mike Leach go. Cougar football under Leach was always fun to watch (except against the Huskies). The Mississippi State job continues his tradition of small towns in big conferences (Lubbock, Pullman and now Oxford). The SEC is the top conference in the country and based on his track record he should be successful. It will be interesting to see what the Cougars do now but Leach will be missed.

Jessamyn McIntyre – Danny and Gallant/WSU radio sideline reporter

“Going viral many a time (from chasing him for interviews) was quite embarrassing, but I’m going to miss him just because I always had a good relationship with him. He was funny, he was honest and he was always himself and I really appreciated being able to see that up close. It’s eight years that I’ve known him now. Coming from a coaching family, I do get coaches and I understand the way they operate. I really enjoyed my time covering him, and honestly, just because he’s going to another conference, heading to the SEC and I won’t see him every weekend, that doesn’t mean I’m not going to stay in touch and keep tabs on him.” – Taken from Jessamyn’s segment with John Clayton, Nov. 9

Jake Heaps – Tom, Jake and Stacy

Boy Howdy – Brock and Salk

Mike Leach spent eight years at Washington State recruiting a specific kind of athlete – one that fits his unique style of offense. Unless the Cougs find someone else to run the Air Raid, how long is it going to take for the Cougs to get a roster full of players that can fit a more traditional offense? And if the Cougs go 2-10 for two seasons, how will you look back at the Leach tenure? He will have left the cupboard bare of assistant coaches, QBs and the type of players a new coach can win with using a different offensive system.

Who will WSU get to replace Mike Leach? All eyes turn to Alex Grinch