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Seahawks QB Russell Wilson
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Moore: MVPs rarely win Super Bowls, so maybe it’s OK if Seahawks’ Russell Wilson gets overlooked

Seahawks QB Russell Wilson is in a tight MVP race with Baltimore's Lamar Jackson. (Getty)

I suggested last week that it might be better if Russell Wilson does not win the NFL MVP award this season. The main reason behind that thought was this – through Dave Wyman’s research, we’ve learned that the Seahawks’ winning percentage is much higher when Wilson attempts fewer than 25 passes a game.

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So I was thinking if Wilson keeps his attempts in the low 20s, it would increase the Seahawks’ chances to win more games, get a higher seed and increase their chances of going to the Super Bowl.

And did you know, courtesy of ESPN’s Bill Barnwell, that the Seahawks are 10-1 in home playoff games since CenturyLink Field opened in 2002 and just 2-8 in road playoff games, magnifying the importance of earning the highest seed possible. Also, as you probably know, the three times the Seahawks have played in the Super Bowl, they made it as the top seed in the NFC, earning a bye and two home games.

If Wilson is throwing it 30 times a game the rest of the season, the Seahawks will more than likely be a wild-card team and lose a first-round game again, probably in Dallas, just like last year.

The down side of Wilson lowering his attempts is that it will also reduce his passing yardage, and even if he maintains his crazy touchdown-to-interception ratio, it lessens his chances of beating out the more dynamic Lamar Jackson for the MVP award.

I understand why this is a big deal to so many Seahawks’ fans – it would be nice to finally see a Seahawk like Wilson get the recognition he deserves after so many years of the too-short negative perception he has dealt with on a national level. Plus let’s not forget how Pete Carroll has been overlooked year after year as Coach of the Year, and the same goes for John Schneider, bypassed by everyone as Executive of the Year.

But here’s an even bigger reason why you should hope that Wilson does NOT win the MVP award – Maura Dooley, producer for Bob, Dave and Moore, has found that an MVP’s team has not won the Super Bowl in 20 years. Kurt Warner was the last to do it with the St. Louis Rams in 1999.

Bob Stelton and Dave Wyman think it’s just a coincidence, but I don’t. I don’t know how you can call 20 years a coincidence. And keep in mind that in the 50-plus years of the Super Bowl, an MVP’s team has won the Lombardi Trophy only eight times. That’s not a coincidence. When you go 8 for 53, I don’t like those kind of odds.

Which is why I’ll root for Jackson to keep running toward the MVP award and watch his Ravens lose to the Seahawks in the Super Bowl, becoming the latest casualty in this little-known not-so-fun fact uncovered by Dooley.

So even though Jessamyn McIntyre is pushing for Wilson in a campaign on Danny and Gallant, keep in mind that every vote for the Seahawks quarterback is a vote that could short-circuit Seattle’s chances for earning its second Lombardi Trophy.

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