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49ers CB Richard Sherman
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Moore: Richard Sherman back-tracking isn’t new, and I would know

Richard Sherman is in the news because of a flap with Browns QB Baker Mayfield. (AP)

Richard Sherman is back in the news this week after saying Baker Mayfield didn’t shake his hand when meeting for the coin toss before Monday night’s game between the Browns and 49ers.

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Sherman used the supposed snub as extra motivation, and it apparently worked – he picked off a Mayfield pass, and the 49ers walloped the Browns 31-3.

But then there was the fallout with videos showing that Mayfield actually did shake Sherman’s hand (or at least fist-bumped him), which might have proved that Sherman lied. I say “might have” because Sherman might have been referring to what happened after the coin toss when some of the 49ers and Browns shook hands again, but Mayfield ran off the field without shaking hands for a second time.

It all amounts to nonsense. Sherman doubled down on looking foolish by engaging in a Twitter exchange with a Browns’ fan, telling him: “A Browns fan thinking I have to make up a story. Lmao. Hope your time as a Browns fan has been as enjoyable as I think it has.”

Also, in his post-game comments, Sherman reminded those who thought the 49ers would be so-so or not very good this year to remember what they said and not to flip-flop during the season. He wants them to look like “idiots” when the 49ers prove as much by finishing 12-4 or whatever record that Sherman thinks is good enough to put it in their faces.

Hey Richard, just for the record, I thought your team would be pretty good this year – pretty good as in 9-7. I also think you’re a piece of work who used to be a really funny guy and one of the best players and interviews on the Seahawks. When exactly did you get too big for your britches? Where do you get off turning on a coach who supported you the way Pete Carroll did when you were in Seattle?

Then there’s the lying and back-tracking. I heard that you went on the Pat McAfee show Wednesday morning and said a bunch of mumbo-jumbo about the handshake snub, spinning things like you always do, acting like you don’t care if people believe you or not.

And they don’t believe you, Richard, just like they didn’t believe you when you told ESPN’s Cari Champion three years ago that an incident in Seattle when you told a sports-talk show host you would ruin his career never really happened. But I have a good source that told me it did happen, and that source is me. There is also video proof of it happening, and Champion could have called you on it but she didn’t for whatever reason.

I wrote a post after you wanted to ruin my career by revoking my media credential, basically cutting you slack for saying something you probably didn’t really mean. We all say stuff we wish we could take back in the heat of the moment. Besides, I always thought I didn’t need help when it came to ruining my own career, and I didn’t have much of a career left to ruin anyway.

My only regret, Richard, is that I wish I’d given you my credential and said: “Here, take it! Then I won’t have to interview jerks like you anymore.”

So when you lied Monday night, I think there’s a saying for that: Par for the course. And really, who cares that you lied again? I mean, you know what you called people who short-changed the 49ers? You’re looking at one every morning in the mirror.

But if I’m criticized for calling you a name, I’m gonna take a page from your book, Richard. I’ll say that never happened even though there’s digital proof that it did. I’ll go on some national show and say “No, it didn’t,” and the host will say “Yes, it did,” and I’ll counter with “No, it didn’t” and say I was taken out of context and talk in circles and not make sense to anyone but myself – just like you.

Thing is, I really don’t think you’re an idiot. You’re a heck of a player, one of the greatest cornerbacks in NFL history. You’ll be in the Hall of Fame someday, and before that happens, you’ll enter the Ring of Honor at CenturyLink Field and probably even have your number retired by the Seahawks. You’ll be posing for pictures next to the statue of you tipping Colin Kaepernick’s pass to Malcolm Smith, sending your team to the Super Bowl.

No one will be talking about any of your mindless shenanigans from 2016 and 2019 in 2030. They’ll remember the fun-loving guy and difference-making player that you were.

Those will be the stories you’ll tell your grandkids, and the best part is, you won’t have to make any of it up.

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