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Seahawks LB Bobby Wagner
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What Duane Brown, Bobby Wagner and more said after Seahawks’ loss

Seahawks LB Bobby Wagner hopes the loss to New Orleans becomes a learning experience. (Getty)

There were plenty of questions following the Seahawks’ 33-27 loss to the New Orleans Saints Sunday, and after the game 710 ESPN Seattle’s John Clayton stopped by the locker room to ask a few of them.

Here are a few quick highlights:

LT Duane Brown

What was working with their run-stopping? “I’ve got to watch the film to see everything they did, but obviously that’s a point of emphasis for every team we go against, to make sure they don’t give up much in the run. We’ve got to be prepared for that. I think the linebackers are playing downhill pretty quickly to fill in gaps, (slanting?) up front, not standing there and letting the double teams affect them as much. Trying to get movement to try to throw us off. Bringing pressure off the edge a little bit. All those things we’ve  got to be prepared for. That’s going to be a point of emphasis for everyone.”

LB Bobby Wagner

What do you think was a big thing you learned? “I definitely feel like guys need to know that no matter who you’re playing you’ve got to come out with the energy, you’ve got to come out ready to play. Because if you don’t come out ready to play, any team can beat you… I think we’re going to let it be a learning experience.”

CB Shaquill Griffin

They got a few passes off but you managed to keep Michael Thomas out of the game. “We knew Drew Brees wasn’t going to be around so they’d look for the guys like Thomas and Alvin Kamara and those guys. My whole goal was to make sure we keep it down to the minimum… but they still made their plays, and I don’t want to anything from those, those are great guys. It’s just those things we’ve got to work on within ourselves.”

TE Will Dissly

What’s been working for you on these seem routes the last few weeks? “I’m just trying to give credit to Russ. Heck of a player. He picks a side and he reads the defense really well and just takes what the defense gives him. Sometimes it’s a seam route, sometimes it’s a checkdown, sometimes it’s to DK (Metcalf). He’s the magic guy back there.”

Listen to Clayton’s interviews from the Seahawks locker room with Brown, Dissly, Wagner, Griffin, and Moore in the audio clip embedded below.

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