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Should Seahawks get Jalen Ramsey?
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Should the Seahawks be trying to trade for star CB Jalen Ramsey?

The Seahawks need secondary help and CB Jalen Ramsey wants out of Jacksonville. (AP)

The Seattle Seahawks may be 2-0 to begin the 2019 season, but the play of their secondary hasn’t been near the strength of the team it used to be.

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So with 2016 first-round pick and Jacksonville Jaguars cornerback Jalen Ramsey having requested a trade, bringing Ramsey to the Seahawks seems like a natural fit – right?

Maybe not.

Former NFL and NCAA quarterback Jake Heaps told 710 ESPN Seattle’s Bob, Groz and Tom on Tuesday that while Ramsey is an impressive talent, he would probably be more trouble than he’s worth.

“I think that Jalen Ramsey is without a doubt one of the better corners in this league, a young, talented kid who has a bright future ahead of him when it comes to playing on the field,” Heaps said. “When you talk about Michael Bennett, Richard Sherman and the others in the cast of characters that were a part of (the Seahawks) locker room that had an amazing run here, that made this time in Seattle during the Legion of Boom era so special, obviously those were bold personalities. Jalen Ramsey to me is a personality that doubles Richard Sherman or Michael Bennett in terms of the controversy that he could potentially bring off the field.”

Heaps said that Ramsey has a history of disrupting a locker room that would work counter to something the Seahawks have spent some time correcting over the last few years.

“Not to say that he’s gonna get into any trouble, but he’s gonna stir things up and create a lot of unnecessary distraction,” Heaps said of Ramsey. “The Seahawks have worked very hard to change the culture of that locker room, they’re finally in a very good place. He would disrupt that. … For that reason I think that Jalen Ramsey, although a talented player, is somebody that the Seahawks should definitely pass on. I would rather hold on to that first-round pick (that would cost the Seahawks to acquire Ramsey) and see what (Seattle general manager) John Schneider does with that.”

There’s another factor: Seattle’s problems in the secondary have had more to do with the safety position, and the team has confidence in its duo of starting cornerbacks.

“The other side of it too is I think this group really doesn’t want to give up on Tre Flowers and (Shaquill) Griffin yet,” Heaps said. “These guys are firm in terms of their belief of what Shaq Griffin and Tre Flowers can be, and they had a much better (Week 2) against the Pittsburgh Steelers. So with all of those things being said, I think them staying put right now is probably the best move that they can possibly make.”

Heaps had much more to talk about coming out of the Seahawks’ win in Pittsburgh. Listen to the full segment in the attached video or download the podcast of Tuesday’s edition of Bob, Groz and Tom here.

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