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Pete Carroll recaps the Seahawks’ Week 2 win over the Steelers

Seahawks HC Pete Carroll got a win on his 68th birthday Sunday. (Getty)

Every Monday brings a new episode of The Pete Carroll Show, and today’s show – like last week’s – followed a win for the Seahawks.

Seattle’s head coach joined Brock Huard and Mike Salk on 710 ESPN Seattle to recap the Seahawks’ 28-26 win over the Pittsburgh Steelers in Week 2.

Takeaways from Seahawks’ win over Steelers

You can listen to Carroll’s full interview in the audio clip embedded above (and subscribe to the Pete Carroll Show here). Here are a few highlights:

What did the gametape show you? “It was a good, tough football game. The protection thing, we made some mistakes. We missed a hot with the receiver, so we get sacked. We missed a call. There was mistakes that we made rather than just getting whipped. Look what happened once we settled down; we really protected beautifully in the second half and the ball was ripping out and everything was just so much better… Russ really took charge and the game went in a good direction.”

You were passing it more often this time: “I played off of Schotty (offensive coordinator Brian Schottenheimer). Schotty really felt it and he had the confidence that we were able to get guys open in all of those different calls that we were doing. We did a number of things and we repeated a number of calls because they were fitting in right. So I just got quiet on the (headset) and he was going great.”

How do you know which days to stay with your conviction of balance and the deep shots and running the ball, and how do you know on which days to just start passing the ball around? “It has so much to do with so many variables. It’s the style of defensive play, it’s the personnel that they have, it’s how we’re doing. There’s a number of things. You go in with a plan; this is a a defense that blitzes more than any team in the NFL. They try to take shots at you to cause a bad play to try to affect that series, and if they can get one out of the three shots they’ll take it, and that’s how they play. So they’re going to outnumber you on calls. To do that, though, their coverage is vulnerable at times and if you can get the ball out then you can try to take advantage of it.”

You think Ziggy Ansah has a good chance to play this week vs. the Saints? “Yeah, we’re counting on him really having a big week and getting back. David Moore (shoulder) has a chance. They’re practicing to play this week with a real clear intent.”

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