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Seahawks coach Pete Carroll
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Seahawks coach Pete Carroll rolls up to Brock & Salk interview on scooter

Seahawks coach Pete Carroll shocked Brock and Salk by riding a Razor Scooter. (AP)

Sure, the Seahawks’ Pete Carroll may be the oldest coach in the NFL. But you’re only as old as you feel, and Carroll doesn’t appear to feel very old.

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Case in point, the 67-year-old Carroll’s mode of transportation to his interview Monday morning with 710 ESPN Seattle’s Brock and Salk on the fourth day Seahawks training camp.

It was this:

That is a Razor Scooter, which have been littered around team headquarters during training camp. And Pete being Pete, he saw an opportunity to make a grand entrance and didn’t miss it.

Unfortunately we weren’t able to get any video of Carroll’s ride – as 710 ESPN Seattle’s Taylor Jacobs noted: “It happened so quick we were all stunned.” – but co-hosts Mike Salk and Brock Huard were able to get some reaction from Carroll after he hopped off the scooter.

“That was unexpected. Who would expect the coach to arrive on a Razor Scooter?” Mike Salk said as Carroll sat down for the interview. “… I’m still dumbfounded. How old are you again?”

“We got them all over the building,” responded Carroll. “You’re either competing or you’re not.”

When the interview was over, Carroll picked up the scooter again but unfortunately did not ride away.

This is certainly up there for the top random moment provided by Carroll at Seahawks headquarters, perhaps as good as the time he appeared in the background of John Clayton’s shot during an episode of ESPN’s SportsCenter.

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Hey Pete Carroll, John Clayton wasn't done with his segment!#AlwaysCompete

Posted by Seattle Seahawks on Tuesday, March 24, 2015

Carroll proceeded to talk all things Seahawks football, including providing an update on new defensive end Ziggy Ansah and his recovery from shoulder surgery, during the interview with Brock and Salk. For more from the conversation, click here.

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