XFL Seattle team has 5 potential names — which one should it be?

UPDATED: JUNE 27, 2019 AT 11:02 AM
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We’re getting closer to finding out what the name of one of Seattle’s new professional sports teams will be.

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The XFL football league has reportedly filed trademark applications for five potential nicknames for the Seattle franchise. They are:

• Seattle Wild

• Seattle Force

• Seattle Fury

• Seattle Dragons

• Seattle Surge

All of these possibilities fall in line with the nicknames the original XFL teams had during the league’s one season in 2001. There’s a whole lot of names that don’t end in S – remember the Los Angeles Xtreme (who technically are the league’s defending champs) – as well as names that are essentially emotions (see the Orlando Rage) or mythical creatures (the Dragons bring to mind the San Francisco Demons).

Brock and Salk shared their reactions to the five names during their Good News, Bad News, No News segment Thursday morning on 710 ESPN Seattle, and they were underwhelmed.

“All five of those do nothing for me,” Brock Huard said. “(I would have liked) some northwest flavor to it. None of those have an attachment at all (to this area).”

Replied Salk: “I think Wild is the best of the group. The rest sound like indoor lacrosse names.”

Salk added that the XFL may have been hamstrung by the fact that Seattle’s incoming NHL team has copyrighted so many potential names, leaving the new football franchise with little to work with.

Listen to Brock and Salk talk about the names around the 39-minute mark in this podcast.

Which of the five XFL Seattle team names do you like the most? Tell us in the comments.

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