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Jim Moore: Russell Wilson’s brand-building efforts on social media are hard to watch

Russell Wilson is entering his eighth season with the Seahawks. (AP)

When it comes to the frequently crazy and unusual things that Russell Wilson does off the field, Dave Wyman thinks we should just leave him alone. I think Dave cuts him slack because he’s a terrific quarterback who never gets involved with legal issues, so whatever he’s doing on social media or somewhere else, it’s all harmless stuff.

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And in Wilson’s defense, he posts some great videos of himself with his daughter at ballet class and his son rounding the bases in a Little League game.

But Dave’s on vacation in Cabo this week, and I don’t think he’s seen Wilson’s latest Twitter post inviting everyone to follow him on Snapchat with a cartoon of a baby-faced Russell in a bunny outfit. When Dave eventually sees this video, he might make an exception to “leave Russell alone.”

If you don’t cringe or shake your head when you see the video, I’d be surprised. Then again, it probably serves its purpose of being so stupid that it makes everyone notice Russell in a bunny outfit, which will then cause millions of his fans to follow him on Snapchat, further building his already huge presence on social media. The bunny video is also so stupid that it has prompted a dope like me to write about it, again serving its purpose to draw as much attention as humanly possible.

Wilson has 5.4 million Twitter followers and 3.8 million Instagram followers. I didn’t check on his number of Facebook friends, but I’m guessing he doesn’t have any because Facebook’s for older out-of-touch social-media dorks, or so I’m told by my kids.

The bunny video is just the most recent social-media post that makes you at the very least wonder what causes Wilson to post what he posts. Why would he profess his love to Ciara on Valentine’s Day and share it with the world? I think it’s great he loves her that much, but why doesn’t he just tell her face to face in private?

And then to tell us he signed his contract extension from bed? Come on, who does that? If it were me, I would have said: “Hey, hon, I just got a call from my agent, I’m gonna go to the kitchen or family room and shoot a selfie video in which I tell everyone about my new deal, I’ll be right back.”

But no, Russell had to take us between the sheets to and give us the news in a creepy bedroom voice.

It blows me away that someone like Wilson would be as interested in building his brand as he is. Full disclosure: I admit to disliking anyone who tries to build his brand. If anyone ever tells me that he’s trying to build his brand, I put my finger down my throat and wonder, “What’s the matter with you?”

Self-promotion is one of the worst things ever, though I get it, it’s the way of the world now. Hey, everybody, look at me and what I’m doing! What makes it really odd to me is when someone like Wilson, who doesn’t need to promote himself because he’s already a mega-star who is recognized around the world, promotes himself anyway.

He is the chief executive officer of West 2 East Empire, an agency that is into brand management and strategic story-telling. When you go to their website, West 2 East Empire says: “We are creative. We are innovative. We are world class.” West 2 East Empire goes on to tell us that they want to “inspire and transform the world.” Sure sounds to me like they are not only creative, innovative and world class but full of themselves too.

The coolest thing that has come out of this brand-building nonsense happened this week. Josh Cashman, a 23-year-old student at Western Washington, was hired by West 2 East Empire. Cashman, the kid who goes by @CableThanos_ on Twitter, became known for all of the creative Seahawks videos he has posted in the last two years. They were so good that Wilson noticed them, and it sounds like the relationship grew to the point that Russell thought Cashman would be a good addition to his brand-building staff.

It’s an improbable development, one that caused GeekWire reporter Kurt Schlosser to write about it, coming up with one of the better leads I’ve seen in awhile: “Memes do come true.”

In the GeekWire story, we hear how excited Cashman is to be joining the talented staff at West 2 East Empire. “The attention is overwhelming,” Cashman said. “I never expected it to get this out of control.”

As if Cashman would ever take advice from a 62-year-old sports-radio host, but I’ll give him some anyway. Take the phone away from Russell when he’s in the bedroom, and burn the bunny suit. Then we’ll go back to leaving him alone.

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