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Seahawks’ D.J. Fluker explains how he got stuck in a smart car

The Seahawks re-signed RG D.J. Fluker in March. (AP)

Seahawks right guard D.J. Fluker joined 710 ESPN Seattle’s Danny, Dave and Moore Tuesday after the Seahawks’ wrapped up their first open session of OTAs, but it wasn’t to talk about practice – it was to talk about his attempt to fit into a tiny smart car.

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“I kind of got talked into it,” the 6-feet-5, 340-pound Fluker explained. “I was actually coming from a workout, so I was leaving Destination Dallas in Texas, so he was like, ‘Man, I’m wondering can you fit into my smart car?’ I’m kind of like yeah, sure, why not.

“So I’m sitting here looking at this car. I’m looking like… this car’s about as big as my whole body. So I’m like how am I gonna to get into something that’s like a cocoon? Like a butterfly, he’s gonna get ready to split it open, you know? Finally I get in there — I had to go one foot at a time, I had to suck my stomach in a little bit, I’m like ‘God!’, my arm’s sitting on the passenger’s side.”

“I finally got in there and I tried to crank it up,” Fluker continued. “But see what happened was, my knees were literally on the dashboard, so I can’t even touch the pedal. Then you talk about getting out of it? I closed the door and then I got stuck, so I took about 10 minutes to get out of it. I literally had to stick my head out of the sunroof to get under it and then lay out on the ground to get out of it. So yeah, big guys do not fit in tiny spaces. Does not work for me.”

Fluker shared more offseason stories with Danny, Dave and Moore, including how his Russell Wilson-spoof video with Tyler Lockett came into fruition, and the one player who made even Fluker feel tiny.

Listen to Fluker’s full interview here: