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710 ESPN Seattle partners with Coaching Boys Into Men

710 ESPN Seattle has announced a new partnership with Coaching Boys Into Men. The sports station and local nonprofit will work together to encourage student athletes, as well as school coaches and athletic department leadership, to participate in the Coaching Boys Into Men curriculum which focuses on youth leadership skills, domestic violence prevention, and healthy relationships.

March 2019 will mark the beginning of an extensive marketing and recruitment campaign utilizing several of 710 ESPN Seattle’s resources, partnerships and radio shows in an effort to help bring awareness to the program and expand its reach throughout the Pacific Northwest.

“We are excited to partner with an organization that makes such an important difference in our community,” said Mike Salk, Program Director for 710 ESPN Seattle and co-host of the Brock and Salk show. “Coaching Boys Into Men has a unique ability to positively affect young people by helping them grow as leaders, while also changing long-term views on consent and respect.”

“Raising the bar for healthy relationships through Coaching Boys Into Men can be a catalyst for the betterment of our athletes, coaches, communities and ultimately our society,” said Ward Urion, Certified Trainer for Coaching Boys Into Men. “It is truly amazing to see how such a seemingly small investment of time and energy can have such a huge, lasting impact on the individual student athletes. I am inspired and filled with hope every day when I see measurable, tangible changes in young men that makes them part of the solution to issues our society has struggled with.”

Find ongoing information about 710 ESPN Seattle’s support for Coaching Boys Into Men at

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