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ESPN’s Mina Kimes debates Mike Salk over whether Seahawks fans should cheer Richard Sherman

Richard Sherman joined the 49ers after being cut by the Seahawks last offseason. (AP)

Richard Sherman’s first game at CenturyLink Field as a member of the division rival San Francisco 49ers is imminent. But it poses a big question that has been a hot topic on 710 ESPN Seattle this week:

Should Seahawks fans cheer or boo Sherman in his return to Seattle?

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Mike Salk of Brock and Salk has been steadfast in his opinion that Sunday is no time to make Sherman feel welcome wearing the Niners’ scarlet and gold in Seattle. On Thursday, however, he and co-host Brock Huard were joined by ESPN The Magazine senior writer and regular Highly Questionable fixture Mina Kimes, a Seahawks fan herself whose opinion on the matter falls on the other side of the fence.

You can hear the full conversation about Sherman between Salk, Huard and Kimes embedded in this post or at this link. But for now, here’s a little bit of what Salk and Kimes shared during the segment about why they feel the way they do about Sherman’s first game against the Seahawks.

Mina Kimes

“I don’t agree with everything Richard Sherman has said and done. I don’t agree with some of his public comments at the end when he left. Some of the critiques are not critiques that I share of the organization. … But as a Seattle fan my whole life, someone who lived through as you guys know some pretty rough years, that man delivered me the greatest moment of sports joy I have ever experienced – years, by the way, of joy. The joy I felt watching ‘The Tip,’ the joy I felt watching him and the Legion of Boom do what they did over those years, that supersedes any bad feelings I had towards the end (of his Seahawks tenure) and I’m always going to think of that moment when I see Richard Sherman.”

Mike Salk

“On Sunday, he is not coming in as the guy who completed ‘The Tip.’ There have been plenty of times to celebrate Richard for that moment, and there will be again when he’s in the Ring of Honor. On Sunday, he’s coming in as the guy who torched his coach, who torched his general manager, who torched his quarterback anonymously, who blew up his relationship with the team before he left. We haven’t yet really had the opportunity to let him hear about that, and this is our chance to do so.”

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