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Seahawks WR Tyler Lockett: New OC allowing him ‘to be more creative’

Seahawks WR Tyler Lockett has a new OC and is back to 100 percent for the 2018 season. (AP)

One of the biggest storylines for the 2018 Seahawks is the turnover of the coaching staff, which includes Brian Schottenheimer taking over offensive coordinator duties after the team parted ways with Darrell Bevell.

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A lot has been made about how the run game will see more focus under Schottenheimer, but that doesn’t mean the passing game is being moved to the back burner. Just ask wide receiver Tyler Lockett, who talked with Danny, Dave and Moore on Wednesday about the changes he’s seen under Schottenheimer.

“I think it’s allowed me to be able to play my game a lot more,” Lockett said of Schottenheimer’s system. “Being able to be more patient, being able to set people up more – kinda do some of the things that I was doing at Kansas State because I have more time, especially when I’m in a slot to be able to pick and choose which way I want to go and how I want to run certain things. I think that’s the thing that kinda brings out a lot of my game.”

What sticks out to Lockett the most is how the playbook is now more open to interpretation for players like himself.

“Sometimes when you go to certain teams, you gotta get used to the concepts, get used to how fast we need to run them and how we need to get out of our breaks. And based off of what Schotty brings, it allows us to be more creative and take more time,” he said.

Not only will Lockett be able to be more creative this year, he should be even more effective on the field due to being more healthy. While he didn’t miss a game last season and was still a key member of the offense, he has admitted that he never felt 100 percent coming back from a season-ending broken leg in 2016.

“Obviously I knew I wasn’t able to be the Tyler Lockett that I knew I could be, but I was still able to be the Tyler Lockett to help the team be successful and fulfill the role that I was given,” Lockett said of his 2017 season. “Like I always say, sometimes when you know you can’t run past people the way that you usually do, you set people up even more to be able to run past them still. I was still getting behind defenses and stuff like that, still being able to get open, and I just tell myself, ‘You were doing that around 70 percent, so imagine when you’re back at 100 percent.’”

You can hear the full interview with Lockett in this podcast of Wednesday’s edition of Danny, Dave and Moore.

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