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The Inbox — Danny, Dave and Moore: Looking ahead to UW-Auburn

Benning Potoa'e and the pass rush will be key for UW when it meets Auburn. (AP)

Letters. We want letters.

Danny, Dave and Moore is officially opening a post office of sorts. Well, OK, it’s an email address: [email protected].

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So if you’ve got a question for Danny, Dave, Jim, Jess or Curtis, drop us a line whether it’s about sports, a certain podcast punctuated with an exclamation point or about the shockingly efficient hexing power of a Jim Moore Smokin’ Lock.

Our first question comes from a fine young fellow named Luke.

Hey Guys,

What do you see as some of the most crucial game defining keys to UW being able to beat Auburn on September 1st?


Jim: Sorry, Luke, I’m the wrong guy to ask. If you’d asked about some of the most crucial game-defining keys to UW being able to LOSE to Auburn on Sept. 1, you would have come to the right place.

Danny: Well, that was surprisingly polite from our resident Coug. Not entirely informative, though. It’s a bit of a bummer that both the Cougs and Huskies are kicking off at 12:30 p.m. on that opening Saturday, Washington State playing in Wyoming and the Huskies in Atlanta against Auburn.

Luke, I think the key is the Huskies’ pass rush. It’s the one area of the defense where the Huskies have yet to boast a truly dominant player during Chris Petersen’s tenure as head coach. That’s not a criticism of Petersen. In fact, I think the fact that Washington has remained a formidable defense after losing so many good, even great, players to the NFL is a remarkable accomplishment, but they haven’t had a dominant edge rusher.

Not sure if they have one this year, either, but Tevis Bartlett, Ryan Bowman and Benning Potoa’e are bigger, better and should be equipped to apply more pressure. And for all the talk about the speed of SEC teams, it’s the size up front that I think truly distinguishes the heavyweights from that conference.

Auburn’s Jarrett Stidham is a dual-threat quarterback so it’s not like he’s a sitting duck for Washington, but if Washington’s pass rush gets Stidham moving, he’s eventually going to make some throws that will provide opportunities for a Washington secondary that might be the best in the entire country.

And finally: Go Dawgs!

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