The First Mailbag!

Jan 27, 2010, 10:15 PM | Updated: Apr 4, 2011, 7:51 pm

by Mike Salk

Rather than answering our email and writing a full blog post tonight, I figured I’d attempt a mailbag for the first time here. If it works, we’ll do it more often. Here goes…

Q. Salk, If Kevin can talk hoops when we don’t have an NBA team then surely you squeeze in an hour of NHL once a week?? I know Hockey isn’t popular here in Seattle (which is a shame seeing that the Canucks are only 2.5 hours away) but there ARE hockey rabbid fans in Seattle.

I know that Brock would actually have to do some REAL research to get his Rookie Media status for NHL knowledge to even be able to comment during this would be NHL hour…but I have faith the big Hollander can do it. Hell, if he can speak “Colt Playbookese” on Deutschland (Germany) Day what CAN’T he do??!!?!


MS: I’m trying brotha! Baby steps! We spent a while two weeks ago starting the conversation. Yeah, there seem to be a small but dedicated group of puck-heads here in Seattle. But it’s going to be a while before it can become a legitmate sports radio topic here. Heck, they barely talk about it in Original Six cities like Boston, New York or Chicago!

But we’re working on an outing to Vancouver in March. I plan on bringing Brock up to see a game live and we’re trying to have a listener component. Stay tuned for updates…

Oh, and I’d like to lead a movement to bring the NHL to Seattle. I’ll have my first thoughts on the subject posted by next week.

Q. Brock is really funny. I don’t think he gets enough credit for his self deprecating sense of humor.


MS: You say he’s funny and you might be right. But do you really think he’s trying to be?!? I’m not convinced…

Q. I was curious why guys like Ray Roberts, Dave Wyman, and Robbie Tobeck never got upset when Mora made those comments about the perception of the Seahawks being that of a soft team. The reason I was curious is because that perception came into place the moment Bo Jackson ran over the Boz on MNF and since all those guys played for the Seahawks that comment was directed towards those guys as well. Because when I heard him say those things I got the impression he was calling out every player who has every played for the Seahawks since he said that has always been the Seahawks perception?


MS: I still think the perception that the Seahawks are soft is rooted in their uniforms. They may be tough at times, but the national public sees the neon and assumes they are soft. My solution: wear more black…..and hit harder.

Q. Was it just me, or did Seattle U last night look like the JV squad in High School against the UW Huskies? That Game Was the longest regulation time game ive ever seen. Soo many fouls in the second half, the game looked like it was standing still. Seriously, Seattle U is NOT ready for Division I yet…

– The Norwegian

What is with Seattle U’s uniforms? They look like track outfits!


MS: I was at the game and the uniforms did look like they were borrowed from the prop room on the set of Pleasantville. But, as it turns out, they were “throwback uniforms, and players wore the numbers of SU legends. Garcia wore Elgin Baylor’s No. 22.”

They reminded me, though, of my high school’s freshman uniforms. It was 1992 and for whatever reason, they still had the shorts from 1982. So, yeah, we had to wear the Daisy Duke inspired shorts in competition. The horror…..the HORROR!

Q. So with the M’s talking about adding another bat or arm I was curious about the Catcher position? I know the M’s have Rob Johnson who I really like but isn’t much of an offensive player and is coming off some major surgeries. So how many games can they rely on Johnson for this year and the backup as of now is 20 year rookie Adam Moore who has limited experience. I mean given the injury status of Johnson and the youth of Moore is it conceivable they could make a move for a better option at that position?


MS: It’s a good question, but I think the team feels comfortable with Johnson and Moore, especially now that they signed the veteran Josh Bard. Remember, the pitching staff is already comfortable with Johnson and he established himself as a leader in the clubhouse last year. Also, while he probably will never win a Silver Slugger as the league’s best hitting catcher, it is definitely possible he’ll outperform last year’s numbers. He was just a rookie who was spending most of his energy handling the pitchers. Let’s see what another year of experience does for Robo-Rob.

But the real reason they won’t spend any assets on another catcher is because they love Moore. I mean really love him. They believe he’ll be the catcher of the future. From everyone I talk to in the organization, they think he can hit, handle a staff and be the backbone of the team (in time). He has a quality about him that just stands out, even among other guys that have leadership skills. I think he takes over the job sooner rather than later, and the M’s don’t want to spend resources on anyone who will block that path.


Q. BROCK and the Chubaka!
Hey I’m the guy who emailed you 40 thousand times about drafting MIKE IUPATI. Iupati is moving way up on all the draft boards!

If the Hawks downfall began with the exit of Hutchinson, then why no resources spent on a guard to replace him?
Why only focus on the tackle position?
And who is the left guard next year if Unger moves to Center?

If a player is projected at pick 19-20 is it considered a reach to take hime at 14?

Running backs are easy to find later in the draft. Guards like Hutchinson, Faneca or Iupati are rare.
3 of the final 4 teams had pro bowl guards in the trenches!

IUPATI AT PICK 14!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


MS: I think Iupati’s name keeps coming up for a reason. He has the measurables (Brock mentioned his arm length today) and he has the nastiness to be a first round pick and a good fit for the Hawks. And because he has been playing all five line positions and Alex Gibbs’s system tends to allow for undersized guys (like he might be at tackle), he might be an even better fit.

So, to answer your questions, we don’t know who will be on this line next year, but Gibbs has his own way of doing things. And no, Iupati might not be a stretch at 14, but the team could also try to trade out of that pick and then back in if they were worried they’d lose their guy.

Hope this works as a first mailbag. I’m happy to take suggestions for the future….

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The First Mailbag!