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Seattle Seahawks
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The Seahawks beat the NFC champion Eagles; does that make you feel better?

Seahawks WR Doug Baldwin (knee) is set to make his return for Seattle in Week 4. (AP)

I heard Danny O’Neil asking whether the Seahawks’ 24-10 win over the NFC Champion Philadelphia Eagles in Week 13 makes you feel better about where the team is at (listen here). It’s a great question and I have a two-part answer.

The glaring difference between Seahawks and conference champions

First, no. The transitive property doesn’t work, especially in football. It’s a matchup league and a week-to-week league. Sorry. Yes, the Seahawks are good enough to play with good teams. But no, over the course of 16 games, they weren’t in the same category as the teams that are still playing.

But second, maybe.

Look, I think the Seahawks’ coaching changes are less about what has happened in the past and just as much about what will happen to this roster this offseason. If they are going to make major changes to their core, they need the right coaches to gear up for that. And that means getting back to basics on defense, getting their accountability and swagger back, and getting the offense right.

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