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Bradley McDougald
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Seahawks Spotlight: Bradley McDougald

Seahawks safety Bradley McDougald knows next year's defense could have plenty of new faces. (Photo: Jessamyn McIntyre)
LISTEN: Seahawks Spotlight: Bradley McDougald, Oct. 25, 2017

The Seahawks used a new personnel package in their defense on Sunday at New York: the big nickel.

Well, at least it’s what most teams refer to as their big nickel: a coverage package that includes three safeties and two cornerbacks. That’s different from a regular nickel, which features three cornerbacks and two safeties.

Clayton: Nickel secondary emerges as strength for stingy Seahawks

And while the Seahawks did use three safeties repeatedly on Sunday, deploying Bradley McDougald to match up with the Giants’ rookie tight end Evan Engram, Seattle has a different name for the grouping: the Mac Package.

“It’s cool,” McDougald said. “It has a ring to it.”

Heck yeah, it does. Seems like it’s tailor-made for marketing opportunities, too. Like maybe McDonald’s could sponsor that specific coverage scheme with Steve Raible saying something about the Seahawks using their Mac Package, which is brought to you by Bradley McDougald and your neighborhood McDonald’s.

“That’s looking a little ahead,” McDougald said.

McDougald was on the field for nearly one-third of Seattle’s defensive snaps, getting 17 plays. It was his most action on defense in any game this season.

“We saw something on film that we were able see we could match up with,” McDougald said. “And moving forward, hopefully we can keep it intact.”

He was an undrafted rookie out of Kansas who became a starter in Tampa Bay. An unrestricted free agent in the offseason, he signed a one-year deal with Seattle. He joined the Seahawks Spotlight, which airs at 5 o’clock every day on “Danny, Dave and Moore.” He talked about everything from the fact that he’s become a grandfather (not really though his French bulldog did just have three puppies) to whether he’s lobbying for more of the Mac Package.

“With a team like this, you have to let things flow naturally,” McDougald said. “I don’t want to press the issue or anything. We’ve got a good thing going so just kind of waiting on my number to be called.”