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Seahawks Spotlight: TE Luke Willson talks dogs and techno parties

Tight end Luke Willson was our guest on Seahawks spotlight.
LISTEN: Seahawks Spotlight: TE Luke Willson talks dogs and techno parties

RENTON — Seahawks tight end Luke Willson wants you to know your dog isn’t welcome in his personal space.

“They try to lick my foot or they’re pawing at my leg, and I’m like, ‘This is actually scratching my leg, dude, I really don’t want you – just give me my personal space, OK?’,” Willson said of his encounters with other peoples’ pets.

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Willson, who didn’t own a dog growing up (and doesn’t regret that), explained his reasoning to dog-lover Jim Moore. Among the more interesting, tongue-in-cheek points: Why can’t dogs speak English? And, why are dog names so ridiculous?

“Parrots. Parrots can speak English. I’ve heard videos of monkeys speaking English words,” said an incredulous Willson, who admits he has caught heat on Twitter for his lack of dog-fandom.

“You have this thing called a dog — I’m trying to wrap my head around this whole idea — and it’s there for companionship, but it doesn’t speak English, you can’t hold a conversation with him, you have to feed it, it can’t feed itself, you have to pick up its poop, it pees everywhere, it’s like a savage just running around, digging up holes in the ground… God forbid it has fleas.”

Willson joined Danny, Dave and Moore on 710 ESPN Seattle’s Seahawks Spotlight Monday and debated the merits of four-legged companions, explained why he was late to Jimmy Graham’s touchdown techno party, and shared a few laughs with the hosts. Listen to the entire interview here.