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Seahawks’ Chris Carson shares what his first game at CenturyLink was like

RB Chris Carson was selected by the Seahawks in the seventh round. (AP)
LISTEN: Seahawks' Chris Carson on first experience playing at CenturyLink

Rookie running back Chris Carson has created plenty of buzz through training camp and two preseason games with the Seahawks. On Tuesday, 710 ESPN Seattle’s Bob, Groz and Tom sat down with Carson get to know the rookie a little better. Carson shared his reaction to his first NFL game at CenturyLink Field, the transition to the league, and why he’s dying to travel to – of all places – Iceland.

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Here are a few takeaways:

On transitioning to the NFL: “It was a lot faster than I expected, but it’s not as physical as college; they are more into taking care of your body, the mental part of the game. It’s definitely been a blessing, though, just to be out here.”

On competing for a spot on a roster with so much depth at running back: “To be honest, I was just blessed to be picked up anyway. I was just going to go in with an open mind, come in and compete every day, and whatever happens, happens. I just want to give it my all. And God put me in this situation, so I’m just blessed to be here.”

On his experience playing at CenturyLink Field for the first time: “It was amazing. First time being out there, I was nervous, I’m not going to lie to you. First couple plays, just listening to (the fans) it brings out more energy in each and every player. And Thomas Rawls told me during the game, he was like, ‘This is nothing, just wait ’til the first regular season game.’ He was like, ‘You think it’s packed now and loud now? It’s 10 times louder (for the first home game).’”

On wanting to travel to Iceland: “I did a project on it in junior college and I just found a whole bunch of interesting stuff about it. I’ve never been big on traveling the country, and so once I did that research on Iceland, how nice it looks … just the different culture that it has up there.”

The reaction his desire to go to Iceland usually draws: “Every time I tell someone I want to go there they all have the same question, like, ‘Why there? It’s the most random spot to choose.’”

Carson also talked about coming to Washington state for the first time, rehabbing from a broken thumb, and the Seahawks’ team atmosphere. Listen to the entire conversation above or at this link.