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Huard’s Chalk Talk: How Tyler Lockett, Seahawks burned Panthers on fly-sweep for 75-yard touchdown

Seahawks coach Pete Carroll said Sunday night that he didn’t know if he’s ever seen a player look as fast as Tyler Lockett did while sprinting down the sideline on his 75-yard touchdown run.

That play was far from the first indication that Lockett has regained the top-end speed that he seemed to be missing earlier this season while playing through a knee injury, but it was the most telling. According to the NFL, he reached a max speed of 21.21 MPH on that play, the fastest for any rushing touchdown in the league in Week 13. Carroll watched the film to time Lockett’s running 40, which he said was as fast as 4.02 seconds.

“I think I finally got to hit that extra gear that I’ve been waiting on and some of my teammates have been waiting on,” Lockett said afterward, “because Doug (Baldwin) thinks he’s faster than me. He said after that play he doesn’t think he can run with me anymore.”

Brock Huard takes a closer look at the play in this week’s Chalk Talk video. He explains how Seattle’s heavy personnel package and the timing of the snap were keys to the play as were blocks by tight ends Brandon Williams and Nick Vannett.

You can watch Lockett’s touchdown run here.

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