What Charlie Whitehurst Means

Mar 17, 2010, 6:58 PM | Updated: Apr 4, 2011, 7:55 pm

by Jessamyn McIntyre

Mixed reactions abound today, regarding the Seahawks coming to terms with Chargers 3rd string quarterback, Charlie Whitehurst. It seems as though some people hate it, while others are willing to give it a chance.

Brock and Damon Huard are two who share the same view, and it’s not favorable to the trade. You can listen to everything they had to say whitehurstabout Charlie Whitehurst and why they’re not fans right here.

Only time will tell what will come of the trade, but we brought in the experts today to tell us what it means for now.

John Clayton joined the show at 4:10pm today to break down the trade for the fans, plus tell us what it means for Seahawks’ management. “They needed to find a young quarterback to bring in at the fastest possible time, to at least possibly develop as a quarterback of the future. Whitehurst, in the eyes of John Schneider and the Seahawks, looked better than Tim Tebow, Colt McCoy, the list of draft choices after Jimmy Clausen and Sam Bradford.”

That doesn’t mean it’s the right decision, though, Clayton continued, “This is going to define this administration, because if it regimedoesn’t work out, then it sets things back a little bit unless they find someone else. But…nobody’s seen this guy since college.”

So, why would the Seahawks gamble on someone who’s completely unproven? “They’re taking a shot at a diamond in the rough, I guess you could say,” says Clayton. “And they paid big value. The money’s not as important as the draft choices, and they paid a big price as far as draft choices.”

A big price indeed – one that might even jeopardize the Brandon Marshall trade, as the Seahawks don’t have as valuable a draft pick to package in a trade for the wide receiver. “Debatable, because now you’re certainly not going to wow them as much as you would, and you now put 20 possible teams ahead if you wait until draft day,” John said today. “Once that first round goes, then Seattle has some ability to make a trade…but it’s a little dangerous now, because they have less value to satisfy Denver, and ultimately, to get Brandon Marshall – you have to satisfy Denver.”

What does this mean for Matt Hasselbeck? His backup is making $10 million over two years – should he be worried? Clayton doesn’t think matt-hasselbeckthey’re close to a starting QB battle, but does say that “It puts Hasselbeck in a one-year cycle, and now gives that possible ‘quarterback of the future’ title to Charlie Whitehurst. It does say that there’s a little bit of a transition now that can begin, and there’s a chance now that Charlie Whitehurst is being groomed to start in 2011.”

One thing to keep in mind here, as Clayton reported, is that the Cardinals were on board with Whitehurst as well. They were in the market for this ‘unproven commodity’ but instead, went with Derek Anderson. So what does this say about the NFC West this year? Mike Sando covers the NFC West for ESPN.com and joined the show to weigh in.

First and foremost though, Sando says, “He better be good. If you get a quarterback who’s really good, no one ever asks you what you gave up. But for a guy with no credentials, he better be good. I think you’re basically saying, with what you’ve invested in him, that he’s going to start games for you – maybe not this year, but the next year, and if he flops doing that, it reflects poorly on management for sure. I think it’s a big risk.”

However, Seattle is not the only team who was willing to take that risk. When asked whether Seattle favored Whitehurst over Derek Anderson, Sando replied, “Yes, and I think to a degree, he may have been by Arizona too. To a degree there may have been a little more interest in whitehurst 2Whitehurst…but at what price? Right now, I think Seattle has got some ground to make up in terms of what they gave up.”

Sando reminds us that with unproven commodities come countless possibilities – and it’s not the first time the Seahawks have dealt with that scenario either. “Matt Hasselbeck didn’t have a ton of starts on his resume, and I remember standing there the day Mike Holmgren made that move, and he said, ‘I’m going to sink or swim with Matt Hasselbeck’, you have to get your quarterback from somewhere.”

Jim Moore added that the San Diego Chargers must be popping champagne bottles and partying on the beach for what they got for Whitehurst – Sando agreed. “Absolutely…they gotta be thrilled.”

So what does this mean for the Seahawks current quarterback, Matt Hasselbeck? Is this his last year? “Yeah,” Sando says, “I think the writing’s on the wall. I think it was anyway. This is the direction that they’re gonna go, and I think this guy has to be starting in 2011, and if not, sooner.”

There’s a lot to prepare for 12th Man – Charlie Whitehurst is slated to be a starter in the near future for the Hawks. I guess that does quell the fears of some Jimmy Clausen haters, though – the Seahawks won’t be taking him in the draft now.

Tune in tomorrow for the latest breaking Seahawks news, and don’t forget to tell us what you think below!

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