Seahawks’ Richard Sherman on pass interference: ‘I don’t understand how they’re calling it’

Oct 4, 2016, 12:36 PM | Updated: Nov 2, 2016, 1:28 pm

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Richard Sherman will enter free agency after being released by the Seahawks Friday. (AP)


LISTEN: Richard Sherman on his matchup with Brandon Marshall, Seahawks' win over Jets

Seahawks wide receivers were called for three offensive-pass-interference penalties against in Week 2 against the Rams, leaving head coach Pete Carroll scratching his head. Two weeks later, Richard Sherman appeared to be on the receiving end of a push-off from Jets receiver Brandon Marshall but was instead flagged for defensive pass interference. Though the penalty was declined, the All-Pro cornerback told John Clayton on Monday that it was an example of the confusion he has about how officials are calling pass interference.

“Honestly, I don’t understand how they’re calling it,” Sherman said. “I think I got a penalty the other day where most people would consider it offensive PI and, even if you look at Brandon, he kind of thought it was on him as well, and they called it on me. So we really don’t understand. The place that they have the refs on the field is not a great a place for them to see anything that is done to the DB, and when they do, they are not really looking at the DB as anything other than a fouler. So they’re looking for anything a DB can do to a receiver; they’re not looking at anything a receiver can do to a DB.

“I guess it’s an offensive game and that’s what they’re trained to do, but it’s unfortunate.”

The Jets attacked the one-on-one matchup between Sherman and Marshall multiple times on Sunday with mixed results. Sherman called the challenge “fun” and said the 13 or 14 targets that came his way were “probably the most I’ve seen in my whole career.” Marshall had four catches for 89 yards and a touchdown but Sherman picked off quarterback Ryan Fitzpatrick twice. One of those interceptions came after that defensive-pass-interference penalty.

Sherman, a six- year veteran, told Clayton that offenses appear to be taking advantage of penalties more than ever before.

“I think the game is so different than it used to be, that a lot of times teams can get away with dinking and dunking because a penalty will get you down the field. Maybe the quarterback throws it late and gets roughing the passer, or maybe a receiver gets held down the field, so things like that that will (advance) offenses down the field,” he said. “And I think offenses are depending on penalties more than they have at any time.”

Here’s more of what Sherman told Clayton:

• On tight end Jimmy Graham’s comeback from his knee injury: “It’s phenomenal, it’s outstanding, it’s courageous, it’s inspiring. He’s a really hard-working guy and he’s really tough on himself and, throughout the process, I can see him being tough on himself and having doubts, as all of us do when we get injured. … I just felt it was my obligation to make sure I helped him throughout that process and help him understand that he’s been great, he’s going  to continue to be great and this is just another bump in the road, another hurdle, another bit of adversity that is gonna make your story great in the end.”

• On quarterback Russell Wilson’s “gritty” and “courageous” battle through ankle and knee sprains: “Some people are born different, they’re bred different, they have a different thing ticking in their chest, and he’s one of those guys.”

• On which other NFL quarterbacks can match Wilson as a pocket passer:  “Aaron (Rodgers) and he are similar type of moving to throw, eyes always down the field. (Andrew) Luck is in that same ballpark of guys that are very mobile but still within the realm of the pocket. Always eyes downfield, always looking for the next big play, the next receiver, and he’s made a living off of that. I think those are the only guys I would say that are similar in that regard.”

• On the Cardinals’ surprising 1-3 start: “It’s unbelievable, but they are a gritty, veteran group and I’m sure they’ll rebound. If anybody knows about adversity and overcoming it, it’s our team, and I’m sure they’ll come together and figure it out. But it’s just a tough start to the season. I’m sure they couldn’t envision it starting this way and neither could most of the league. They are an incredibly talented football team and it’s just a rough patch.”

• On the Rams’ surprising 3-1 start: “It’s cool. It’s good to see Jeff Fischer and those guys get off to a good start. They’ve got great players over there and always had a very stout defense and so it’s good to see them get some wins and have some success because a lot of people haven’t given them credit. Usually they win a couple huge games throughout the season and then lose a couple that they shouldn’t have lost, etc., etc. But it’s nice to see them winning the close ones and playing good defense.”

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Seahawks’ Richard Sherman on pass interference: ‘I don’t understand how they’re calling it’