Tyreese Breshers Retires

Sep 18, 2010, 10:39 PM | Updated: Apr 5, 2011, 11:20 am

Tyreese Breshers two year career on the UW hoops team is over. For an undisclosed medical reason Breshers will leave the hoops team, but he will continue on as a student at Washington, where he is early on in his 3rd full year. Gohuskies broke the news on Wednesday. I personally wish Tyreese and his family much health and success in the future.

Breshers was a promising player, though short for his natural position. He was the team’s strongest “enforcer” and had a great future in the Pac-10. His shot blocking ability was the most evident of his skills, rejecting a number of big shots down the stretch in the Dawgs miracle 14-16 run to the Sweet-16 and the Pac-10 Tournament Title.

Worst case, had the medical problems not happened, I would have thought that Tyreese would have played a sizable role this year for UW. Though he was not necessarily penciled in as a starter, with 4th year players senior Matthew Bryan-Amaning and red-shirt junior Darnell Gant, as well as seven-foot-one Aziz N’Diaye also available, Tyresse would have helped.

The depth that Breshers could have provided, in key situation, could be the difference in a number of games this year, as he was this past year, probably more. That is all water under the bridge, as UW now must do the best with what they have, but what they have is not that shabby.

Matt and Darnell are primed to have big seasons and will likely be the starters or certainly both play starters minutes. Aziz will be a force off the bench, though his impact may be the one most altered by the loss of Breshers. Aziz is big and tall, but Breshers was big and had already been there. Having Breshers would have allowed N’Diaye time.

Now Aziz must play a huge role as the only option in the middle after “MBA” and Gant. N’Diaye will play starters minutes whether or not he is ready. This loss will also change the role of freshman Desmond Simmons, who must now be able to contribute. Simmons will back up Gant at the 4, while Aziz backs up Matt and really that’s about it.

Walk-on Brendhan Sherer is on the roster, but if I had to guess I would say that if UW needs more based on foul trouble or injury, they may feel better about playing senior wing Justin Holiday at the 4, somewhat negating what he does best and certainly opening the Dawgs up to a potential physical mismatch.

Holiday, though stronger than when he came to UW and more mature, is still pretty skinny. That said, Justin is “basketball strong” with those long wiry limbs and quick hands and feet. I’ve often remarked that UW looked good against certain teams with Holiday at the 4. Now with Breshers gone, the Dawgs may have even more reasons to play those type of line-ups

Romar spoke to the Seattle Times Percy Allen about the loss of Breshers and voiced confidence that the team could adjust. Lorenzo also dropped a hint as to some timely good news about this years team.

“We got more guys that can knock the perimeter shot down this year than we had in a long time.”

For those of you who remember Hec-Ed in the 80’s, how can you forget Detlef Schrempf. Many remember his role on the late 90’s Sonics with Gary Peyton, Shawn Kemp, George Karl and the rest, that dominated the regular season numerous times and lost to Michael Jordan and the Bulls in the 1996 Finals.

Det has a blog that reads pretty well, where he talks hoops as well as a number of interesting topics. Schrempf’s son Alex is a sophomore walk-on with Ben Howland’s UCLA Bruins.

Husky Recruiting Corner

Jernard Jarreau spoke to Husky Digest and confirmed that he is, “Really considering Washington” Jernard said that weighs 188 lbs. and is six-foot-ten. Jarreau is drawn to Seattle because he feels that, “Washington play the same way I’m use to playing, getting up the floor and running and playing on such a high major level and I think I’m ready for that”.

When I asked Jarreau how to describe his style he wasn’t hesitant to name a guy who Seattle fans are well aware of.

“I would compare my style of game to Kevin Durant just being a all around 6’10 forward that could showcase skills.”

Though Jernard is not well known on the west coast, he did already see a couple of the players that he will visit UW with this weekend.

“Yes I saw Tony Wroten, and Jabari brown play in Vegas this past summer.”

Yes, Wroten, along with Jernard, Hikeem Stewart and Jabari Brown, will visit UW this weekend. Husky Digest confirmed that with Tony on Tuesday. Tony confirmed that as well on Friday with TheRecruitScoop’s Alex Kline.

“Tony Wroten had an in-home visit last weekend with Washington and will be on campus again this weekend along with UW commit Hikeem Stewart.”

Tony himself confirmed that he is already close to Brown as he responded to a tweet by a fan who asked him, “Are you going to the UW/Nebraska game?” followed by “will you hang out with Jabari Brown?”

“Yea I will b there and yea that’s my bro”

Another tweet that was revealing was when Tone answered, “A little bit” to the question, “When you see other Local Stars like Hikeem, Kaseen, and ASJ stay close to home does that make you wanna do the same?”

Tone is playing it cool though, as far as tipping his hand if he is going to commit to Washington this weekend. ESPN’s Dime Magazine tweeted, “My man Tony Wroten is expecting Villanova next week and Washington and Louisville on the 21st”.

Tone3 confirmed to Husky Digest that he has already had a UW in-home this past Sunday the 12th, so that may not be the case as far as the Dawgs. As far as the ‘Ville, that may be the case and Tone also confirmed that he is going to take a visit to Louisville.

He responded in a tweet that he was “Very pumped” when asked by a Louisville fan, “Are you pumped for your visit on the 24th?”

I have no idea as to whether Wroten will take that visit, but Husky Digest has reported that they are hearing from numerous sources that Wroten will choose Washington, but that no one would come out and say When it would happen. Obviously it is all meaningless until Wroten signs an LOI.

On Saturday night TheRecruitScoop tweeted, “Jabari Brown is on an OFFICIAL visit to Washington this weekend. He is at the football game with Tony Wroten, who is unofficially visiting.”

Scout reported that Wroten will commit ob October 8th. So, will we see an official UW visit from Tone between now and then?

Brown had an in-home with Romar according to a tweet from ESPN’s Reggie Rankin.

“ESPNU 100 and Drew Gooden Soldiers SG Jabari Brown had UCONN in last night and Washington earlier in the week.”

Rankin also added that Jabari, “Will also listen to Arizona St, Maryland, Oregon and Ga Tech before deciding which five of his final six to visit.”

It sure doesn’t sound like Brown and Wroten will commit this weekend if you listen to what they apparently told Rankin. Could they commit this weekend. I’m sure that the UW staff wouldn’t have invited them if they didn’t think that could happen.

Though I don’t know if it will or not it is certainly possible and it wouldn’t be the first time a kid set up a visit and then canceled after a commitment. That’s almost to be expected, compared to the variety of possibilities that can happen when teenagers make up their minds.

Brown was listed as one of the top-10 uncommitted 2011 prospects by prephoopsassist.com.

2011 UW post recruit Angelo Chol will get an in-home visit, according to the Alabama Rivals site. The update, which quotes Chol’s high school coach, also validates that Chol is still very interested in ‘Bama.

“Coach (Anthony) Grant is going to come out this Monday for an in-home visit. Angelo has a number of coaches coming in over the next couple of weeks. Kansas, Washington and North Carolina will be here. He has two official visits left scheduled for Kansas and Washington then we will see what comes next. Alabama made a great impression on Angelo and they are definitely in it. Any school he goes to he will have to get on a plane, so Alabama is in it as much as anyone right now.”

UW 2011 guard recruit Brett Kingma is visiting Oregon this weekend, Washington next and ASU the week after, according to an update from Rivals ASU site. If Tone Wroten and Jabari Brown don’t both commit this weekend to UW and Kingma doesn’t commit to Oregon, Brett’s UW visit may be decisive as to how UW’s 2011 guard class winds up in my opinion.

2011 UW post recruit Norvel Pelle has had an in-home visit with Washington, according to Zagsblog on Wednesday.

2011 UW forward recruit DeAndre Daniels will sign in the spring, according to Zagsblog.

Rivals did a recruiting update on 2011 football/basketball prospect Kori Babineaux and stated that he is interested in playing hoops at the next level. I’ll believe it when I see him on the UW roster at as home game. Football guys always say they want to play hoops, but it is easier said than done.

Another 2011 post prospect is being recruited by Washington. Daouda Soumaoro has been shown interest by the Dawgs, but according to Scout, UW is not pushing the hardest.

“Virginia Tech, Rutgers, Washington, VCU, Vanderbilt, Colorado, St. John’s, Texas, Arizona State, Michigan State, Albany, Northeastern, Fairfield, and Siena. The schools that have shown the most interest are Colorado, Virginia Tech, VCU, Northeastern, and Fairfield.”

Three more services have released 2011 Rankings, which have included a number of UW recruits. NBEBasketball had #11 Jabari Brown, #15 DeAndre Daniels, #16 Tony Wroten, Jr., #47 Norvel Pelle, #64 Norman Powell and #68 Angelo Chol.

Bob Gibbons had #23 Wroten, #29 Jabari Brown, #56 Angelo Chol, #74 Norvel Pelle and #96 Norman Powell.

Hardwoodelite.com had #15 Jabari Brown, #18 DeAndre Daniels, #26 Anthony Wroten Jr., #32 Angelo Chol, #36 Norvel Pelle and #50 Norman Powell.

2012 UW post recruit Brandon Ashley really established himself this past summer as one of the top, if not the top post players in his class. His AAU coach for the Oakland Soldiers and 2012 UW point recruit Dominic Artis’ dad Derrick Artis stated that though everyone in the nation is after him the chances are still pretty good that he will stay in the Pac-10.

“He’s kind of wide open. I wouldn’t be surprised if he stayed Pac-10 but he definitely has all the big guys on him.”

Artis and Ashley are good friends of 2010 UW signee Desmond Simmons and 2011 recruit Jabari Brown.

2013 consensus top-5 recruit Jabari Parker from Chicago is interested in Washington, highly based on an excellent relationship between Lorenzo Romar and Jabari’s dad Sonny Parker. Romar and Sonny’s long association, going back to both players days in the NBA at Golden State has given UW an in side track on a player whose list reads like a hoops who’s who.

According to a feature in ESPN, Sonny feels that, “Jabari was able to play at that level at an early age because he was mentally and physically ready to compete on that level”.

Parker has established favorites already and from all reports that Washington is on his short list.

“Michigan State coach Tom Izzo and Illinois coach Bruce Weber, among others, stopped by Simeon High School on the first day of the fall recruiting period and are making Parker a recruiting priority, even though he doesn’t graduate until 2013. Others on Parker’s early list include Georgetown, Kansas and Washington.”

Pac-10 Round Up

All the news in the conference this past few days has been dwarfed by the news that Oregon is under investigation in regards to some very serious charges of agent involvement and academic fraud. On Wednesday the Eugene Register-Guard reported that Oregon passed on info that they had received of a serious nature to the league and the NCAA.

“The short statement, credited to UO director of athletics Rob Mullens, indicated that the school had obtained information related to the eligibility of the unnamed players this summer and “immediately contacted the (Pac-10) office … which in turn forwarded the information onto the NCAA for clarification.”

According to a report in the Oregonian on Tuesday the misdeeds involved now departed center Michael Dunigan.

The bad news for Duck fans was compacted by a report in Yahoo that senior guard Lekendric Longmire may have academic concerns. The Ducks can ill-afford the loss of yet another key player at this stage.

Now that the dust has settled on Oregon’s embarrassingly long and over-priced coaching search, we now begin to see a possible reason that the job was turned down by so many and for such big dough. Apparently there was proof somewhere provided that an unnamed agent had been involved improperly with not only Michael, but a number of Duck players.

According to KVAL.com in Eugene on Wednesday, “The interaction between the agent and Dunigan also went so far as money being promised to Dunigan and his mother. In addition, the agent also attempted to ‘package’ Dunigan, Crittle, and Humphrey to get them out of the Oregon program and to the ‘best program possible’.

On Thursday ESPN reported that Dunigan had officially signed with an agent, who has had a relationship with Michael and his mom since “eighth or ninth grade”. No word in that story as to whether this is the same agent from the NCAA, Oregon or the Pac-10, but there is obviously something that has been discovered that is of a questionable nature.

The Oregonian ventured a guess that the NCAA may be following the activities of some notorious figures that in my opinion are worthy of intense scrutiny.

“Another factor that could draw extra attention by the NCAA is the close relationship between former assistant coach Kenny Payne and William Wesley, aka Worldwide Wes. Relationships between players and coaches and the game’s power brokers such as Wesley or brothers Dana and David Pump are very much of interest to the NCAA.”

There has been no word from anyone official if that is in fact the case, but I would be surprised if it were not a factor. The piece also brought up the fact that it has not been announced yet that Dana Altman has in fact signed a contract with the Ducks.

NCAA Corruption

This week my Pac-10 Round Up and NCAA Corruption column are basically one non-stop hit parade as the recent attempts to clean up college hoops have thankfully made noises around the nation.

Former UW President Mark Emmert was interviewed by the AP. :

“I’m really pleased with how we’re working with the universities and colleges to try to correct behaviors that are not in the schools’ best interests. Under my leadership, we’re not going to see any diminutive effect of that effort. But I like where we’re going right now.”

I like it too and I hope that it keeps going. Savvy charlatans like Calipari, “Wes”, the Pumps and many more are not that smart, though they have been made to feel that way by an NCAA that was made passive by the money flow in my opinion.

The shame that these people are on the verge of bringing to the game must be endured so that it can at least not be further damaged.

One way that hoods and criminals can make money by aligning themselves with coaches and players ins point shaving. Rivals reported on a study that point shaving thrives in the lopsided mismatches of college hoops, which involve huge powers, often loaded with high level talent and smaller less talent heavy teams.

What makes sense is that these same hoods have leverage with these coaches for getting them these players and happens, according to numerous anonymous accounts, is that these operators call in favors which also coincidentally pay a coach or player huge money in cash.

“We show that point shaving is more likely to occur for regular season games that have larger point spreads. This satisfies the gamblers who want to fix the game while minimizing the change that the favored team will lose the game. Because post-season games receive much closer scrutiny than regular season games, they are likely to be much harder to fix undetected. Moreover, because post-season games are much more important than typical regular season games, we expect players to be more reluctant to participate in point shaving.”

Quick answer to that problem. Get rid of the crooks as best you can in the recruiting process. This problem will always exist, but getting the big fish to feel afraid of swimming in the waters would definitely minimize the problem.

The Bruce Pearl story has been all over the media. According to Gary Parrish at CBS on Tuesday the lying was apologized for because Pearl was literally busted by some evidence that he improperly hosted two recruits at his home.

“Sources told CBSSports.com that Craft — along with fellow Class of 2010 prospect Josh Selby, who also was committed to Tennessee at the time, and perhaps another recruit — visited Pearl’s home during an unofficial visit to Tennessee later that same year, which is a violation of NCAA rules because high school juniors aren’t allowed to engage college coaches away from campus.”

According to ESPN sources on Thursday that evidence may be a photo.

Andy Katz commented in a video interview for ESPN that the self-imposed sanctions issued by Tennessee were not that tough, based on the timing of the year restriction from off-campus recruiting.

As I mentioned in my last blog post here, when you factor in the real possibility that Pearl and his staff may be reimbursed under the table or in some other way by boosters, that punishment is also not that damaging to his program or pocketbook.

I sincerely feel that the NCAA needs to do more than what Tennessee did.

Kentucky continues to be the subject of continued reports that raise questions about the high flying, fast and loose program of John Calipari.

The New York Times did a follow up feature to their earlier report on possible false math grades that allowed Eric Bledsoe to scrape into NCAA eligibility.

According to the Times, the principal that allowed Bledsoe to take Algebra 3 before he passed Algebra 2 stated to the Birmingham News when asked his reason for allowing the odd procedure, “I’m going to my grave with that”.

ESPN brought up the fact that the very same type of thing happened in the case of Derrick Rose at Memphis and though Calipari walked away clean to the “Big Blue Nation”, the NCAA ruled that the season in question would be forfeited. I believe that it will be much worse for Calipari this time around.

Andy Katz reported on Friday that based on conversations with the NCAA, nothing will happen to Kentucky unless Bledsoe’s transcript is officially changed.

The laundry list of Calipari’s slippery deeds is now the subject of a blog. There are many more than what this site presents, but I’m glad someone at least started the ball rolling.

Charles Barkley just had to weigh in on the subject, stating on the Dan Patrick radio show that he received money from agents and that it is common for players with potential professional futures. Yahoo blogger Jeff Eisenberg transcribed this telling quote.

“If a guy wants to borrow money from an agent because he’s poor, what is wrong with that? Nobody can tell me what is wrong with that. I got money from agents when I was in college and I went in the ’80s. Most of the players I know borrowed money from agents. The colleges don’t give us anything. If they give us a pair of sneakers, they get in trouble. Why can’t an agent lend me some money and I’ll pay him back when I graduate?”

I’ll tell you why Chuck. Because it’s cheating. If you want to change the rules so that you and all of your buddies who are headed for the NBA can play in a different division the NCAA that allows, then so be it, but not all schools could afford the overhead that spoiled brats like you guys would cause. Just play by the rules Barkley.

No one starved on a D1 scholarship. People are struggling in this current market to get their kids educated. If you don’t want a D1 scholarship, go to the pros out of high school and don’t expect to have your cake and eat it too.

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Tyreese Breshers Retires