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Pete Carroll supports ‘respectful’ planned pregame demonstration by Seahawks players

There is still plenty of speculation about what the Seahawks’ planned “pregame demonstration of unity” for Sunday’s season opener will be, but whatever the act will be, it has the full support of head coach Pete Carroll.

Talking Friday to KIRO Radio 97.3 FM’s Dori Monson during his weekly “Pete Carroll Show,” Carroll said that the players have planned a “very respectful” demonstration. That will occur during an interesting confluence of events as a few NFL players – including Seattle’s own Jeremy Lane – have not stood for the national anthem as a means of protest in recent weeks, and Sunday will mark the 15th anniversary of 9/11.

Carroll re-tweeted the initial announcement of the Seahawks’ plans, which was made by wide receiver Doug Baldwin on Thursday, and he said that was indeed an endorsement.

“I just wanted to let it be known that we’re in support of our guys. That’s really all I did by that and I think it’s a really good thought they have,” Carroll said. “It’s very respectful, what they’re thinking, and their mind is in the right place and they really want to do good and help. I’ll support these guys and I’m really proud of the work that they’re doing to figure out what is important to them. … It’s a very important time for these young guys. They really want to know what’s up and they really want to figure it out and our guys in particular are really tuned in to doing the right thing and helping people come together and grow together, and I’m really proud of the work they’re doing.”

Carroll added that he and his coaching staff recognize that their leadership doesn’t end on the football field and that he’s encouraged the players to find the best ways to express themselves.

“It’s all part of just helping guys be the best they can be. When you’re committed to that, then that doesn’t stop somewhere,” he said. “These guys have grown up with us. You’re looking at them six years and going on seven years for Earl (Thomas) and Kam (Chancellor) and all of those guys. It’s a big relationship we have and there’s a lot going on and they represent a lot and they want to do it really well, and they’re men of character and they’re figuring out how they can best express that.”

As for what the demonstration will be, it sounds like Carroll is aware of what is planned and believes it will be the sign of unity Baldwin said it will be.

“Very thoughtful, very respectful, honoring that which should be recognized and I’m just really proud of how they’ve gone through it,” Carroll said later Friday during a press conference. “They have a conscience about what they’re doing and they really want to do the right thing.”