Brock Huard and Friends Rally Around The Fight for First Campaign

Mar 29, 2023, 3:43 PM

SPONSORED – Professional athletes are teaming up to prevent infant mortality and empower women at risk in communities facing severe poverty. Brock Huard and other standout professionals are partnering with Compassion International in an important campaign called The Fight for First. The campaign aims to launch 500 Survival Centers to help save 25,000 mothers and their babies at risk due to extreme poverty.

We know the power of the pro-athlete community, and professional athletes know how to fight for firsts! First downs, first base, first string, to be in first place. Now they are fighting for another set of firsts. Join the fight for children to reach their first smile, their first steps, and their first birthday.

Millions of children in poverty around the world die within their first year of life due to a lack of resources, delivery complications, malnutrition, and preventable diseases. But we can give those mothers and babies a fighting chance. And you can join the team!

Through The Fight for First program and Compassion’s team of frontline health specialists, you can help provide critical prenatal care, education, nutritious food, and medical treatments to help children and mothers not only survive the critical first year but thrive.

Compassion, a child-advocacy ministry and a global authority in holistic child development through sponsorship for over 70 years, works across 39 countries to resource and empower local churches to release children from poverty.

In 2003, Compassion Survival was launched as Compassion’s earliest intervention to combat global infant and maternal mortality rates and promote early childhood development. These centers create an essential community for mothers, so they’re not alone.

Every Compassion Survival Center you help launch gives moms and babies a fighting chance.

Compassion has the church partners in place to launch new Survival Centers. All they need is a partnership from you.

• Every donation amount matters.
• Every $1,000 cares for one mother and her baby until its first birthday.
• Every $15,000 funds one center to help save 25 mothers and their babies.

For more information on how you can support, visit TheFirstForFirst.com.


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Brock Huard and Friends Rally Around The Fight for First Campaign