Mike’s Travelogue: Capitalize on a DC Trip

Oct 5, 2021, 2:03 PM | Updated: Oct 6, 2021, 12:25 pm
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SPONSORED POST – The White House. The Capital. The Washington Monument. Yes, they are all in Washington DC but I’m assuming you don’t need a guide to find some of the most famous tourist attractions in the entire country. Just drive into DC and start touring! But you’re going to want to find the perfect place to stay, the perfect meals and at least something off the (well)beaten path.

And this is a trip you’ll want to take. Alaska can fly you direct into Dulles (IDA) or Baltimore (BWI) and you can either rent a car or take public transportation from there.

The opposing team may not have a name but they certainly have a long history. You probably know that they have a team song which employs everyone to hail them. But you may not know that it played a huge role in the origin of their biggest rivals: the Dallas Cowboys! When Clint Murchison wanted to expand the NFL into Dallas, then Washington owner George Preston Marshall opposed the idea. He wanted his team to have exclusive interest from the south. So Murchison bought the rights to the song and threatened to prevent them from playing it unless Marshall supported his bid. The blackmail scheme worked and the teams have been arch rivals ever since.

On to your trip…

It will be winter so some of my favorite summer destinations might have to wait for the next trip. When you come back, you’ll have to get to Ocean City, Maryland for a coastal getaway. Stay at the Hilton Ocean City Oceanfront Suites and take advantage of the tropical-themed pool and the short walk to the Boardwalk. Then make sure you drive up to OCM Crabs (7111 Coastal Highway) – you can’t leave without trying the famous blue crabs but all of their seafood is fresh and delicious.

Sorry, I got distracted! Let’s stick to the DC metro area.

How about an ode to the toughest and the bravest? The United States Marine Corps Museum is in Triangle, VA (18900 Jefferson Davis Highway) and it will provide you with all the military history you’d need. It has exhibits on World War I, II, Korea, and Vietnam plus the Leatherneck Gallery with its five suspended aircraft.

I know I said I’d avoid the traditional spots, but if you get a nice day, the Smithsonian National Zoo (3001 Connecticut Ave NW) is too cool to ignore. It’s free (though you’ll need a pass) but as good as any zoo outside of San Diego. The giant pandas are the star attractions but the cheetahs are one of my favorites and the otters and beavers are always fun too. Plus, the zoo is a great place to walk and get those steps in before dinner!

You’ll love the beauty of the architecture of Embassy Row (Massachusetts Ave. NW, just northwest of Dupont Circle). You can drive through and see the buildings or take a walking tour to learn more of the history. DC by Foot even has an evening adult’s only tour that “delves into the Darker Side with stories of scandals, assassinations, and secrets of the gilded age.”

For an odd experience, you can spend a few minutes checking out the cosmic, artistic bathrooms at Oki Bowl DC (1608 Wisconsin Ave NW). They are blacklit and artistically designed. Hit it up around lunchtime and make sure to grab some ramen while you’re there!

Let’s focus on dinner. Rasika (two locations) has upscale, modern Indian food that will not disappoint. Perfect to replenish your fuel after a busy day of walking. For an historical angle, try Gadsby’s Tavern (138 N. Royal St) in nearby Alexandria. George Washington dined there so it has to be good! 1789 Restaurant (1226 36th Street NW) in Georgetown has a huge wine list and the food won’t disappoint.

Stadium: FedEx Field (Landover, MD)
Stadium Food: Fried “Shrab” (shrimp and crab) at Fireman’s Cafe
Seattle haunt: Try Red Bear Brewing (209 M St NE)

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Mike’s Travelogue: Capitalize on a DC Trip