Linebacker through a QB’s eyes

Aug 9, 2009, 11:12 PM | Updated: Apr 4, 2011, 7:51 pm

by Brock Huard

There will be plenty of eyes on Aaron Curry, the
thirty four million dollar man, this week. Here are some
characteristics of the best linebackers I faced and where
Curry compares in his development: Fletcher: The little
guy jacked me up numerous times in the preseason. All
about leverage and explosive burst. At 5’9″, Fletcher is
built low to the ground and that benefits his leverage and
pad level. Aaron Curry at 6’2 has great bend in the
knees and hips and watching his college game film and
movement it appears he understands leverage.

2.Bill Romanowski: He bluffed me on a blitz and John
Mobley on the play sent me to the hospital . Romanowski
was deceptive, a trait only gained by years of study,
experience and attention to detail. Tatupu has some of
this in his game and disguising coverages, fronts and
blitzes are evident in Gus Bradley’s playbook than his
predecessors. Curry is a student of the game, and his
commitment to the books is unquestioned. Years and years
in the league is the only way to deceive and manipulate to
the level that Romanowski once did.romo

3.Pat Tillman: Yes, the late Pat Tillman, was an
outstanding weakside linebacker in college. Like
Romanowski above, Tillman utilized the weapon between his
ears, his mind, and in particular his football acumen. On
numerous occasions he would call out our audible, predict
our protection, and communicate to his defenders what was
coming next. He did so by careful study of tendencies and
reading body language and alignments. Tillman was a
gifted athlete in that he used his mind as well as he did
his body. Again, at the NFL level, Curry will develop
this trait and talent only with hundreds of hours of film
study and a commitment to his time in the classroom and
meeting rooms.

4.Chris Claiborne: The All American USC linebacker split
my chin and bruised my ribs, with one hit. A first
rounder to the Detroit Lions Claiborne was violent and
physical at 250+ pounds. He and Corey Dillon collided at
the goal line, and its sound and fury I will never forget.
Curry has unique size and in Lofa’s words, “Willingness to
hit.” Mora talked about the snap in Curry’s hips and how
uncommon that is for a man of his size. The physical play
comes natural for Curry, the challenge will be to sustain
it for 16 weeks of the regular season and the 4 week
training ground that is the preseason.

Quick Hits from the Weekend :

–I will sure miss Madden in the booth, the guy had a
passion and love for the game of football that was
contagious, even after all the years in the business

–I feel sadness for Vince Young, I can’t concisely say
why, I just feel badly for him

–The Seahawk offense has some work to do over the next
four weeks. The competition at WR is fierce, but I know
the lack of continuity in the pass game and the timing
that must develop is not where #8 wants it to be. Tough
to build cohesion when Walt, Willis, Spencer and Co. are
missing so many reps.

–I have a new appreciation for Mike Singletary, I will
tell you why Monday on the air

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Linebacker through a QB’s eyes