James Carpenter? The fans react

Apr 28, 2011, 10:55 PM | Updated: Apr 8, 2016, 10:54 am
Fan reaction was mixed on the Seahawks’ decision to take OT James Carpenter with the 25th pick. (AP)

By Liz Mathews

James Carpenter?

As I stood at the WaMu Theater Thursday night with my recorder in hand, there was a mass exodus for the door.

“Can I get your thoughts on the Seahawks pick?” I asked as the jerseys flew by.

I couldn’t find a single fan in attendance who had a thing to say about Alabama OT James Carpenter.


Sure, there were folks who were glad the Seahawks drafted a lineman, a safe pick, a team need. But after the lockout, the failed negotiations and the absence of football, the fans wanted more. The fans wanted a sexy pick, a known face, a new name for their jerseys.

So, although my assignment was to get “fan reaction” on the scene, I decided to let people stew for a while, research the pick and get back to me.

Many comments later on my Facebook page, here is what the 12th Man has to say about James Carpenter, the Seahawks’ 25th pick in the 2011 NFL draft.

(While certain comments have been removed, the following are listed as they were written an have not been edited for content)

Liz Mathews:So…………. thoughts on Carpenter???

Kyle Taylor: FAIL

J.D. Smith: He and Russell could be book ends for the next ten years

Tucker Hassur: Fixing that o line!

Jonathan Shock: Certainly can’t be any worse than Locklear

Damon J. Matz: Not a bad pick. I had to go look him up he kinda looks like a Klingon lets just hope that a few defensive lineman have their hands full!

Ryan Duca: Hes a reach in a need position. Something Cable and The Raiders did last year with Rolando McClain.

Steve Lawlis: Road grater…went for need

Lundy Ray McQuain: Jr I thought he would be available at No.57. If he does what they think he will…then our offense just got tremendously better. If we can run the ball then the defenses have to play more honest

Donald Salmon: Love the fact he has a mean streak. The Seahawks need some players in the trenches doing the dirty work. At first I was like “who” but I am liking the pick more and more.

Chris Stevens: I trust in Carroll & Schneider’s draft prep. They have a lot of resources to evaluate this multi-million $$$ investment. Hope they’re right.

Richard Parrick: You want your meanest nastiest guys inside, then the athletic, long guys with smarts and a little lenth outside. That’s why I think he would make a great guard, and then find another tackle. I want 6’6″ and long arms to reach out and add a half second of protection, and long legs for leverage. I want a line that lets quarterbacsk go through their progressions without panic. and I want mean and nasty inside to just get er done. I want a bunch of Tobecks inside, maybe just a bit bigger, and a couple Walter Jone’s outside, that all. I don’t want much.

Elston L Cloy: II love the dirtbags. 🙂 draft more Olinemen :P. Protect the guy that throws the ball… Thats should always be number one… Go after the guy that throws the ball… Number 2… Linemen are good. 🙂

Stanley Adams: Thats the way of the draft.. Things that make u go hmm.. They still have a few picks to go.. Im gonna wait to pass judgement until its over!! I remember drafting walter then getting springs & listening to theismen state how we just kicked the crap out of the raiders on draft day!! Al, if your listening or still breathing?? The Seattle Seahawks just gave you the blue print on how to conduct an nfl draft!!

Shaun Wild: Bad pick could’ve and should’ve got a impact player he’s jus not gonna cut being a startere and everybody will be bitching all season long its not hass fault its the o-line….bad 1st rd pick for us I’m sure our 1st rd pick grade will be a low D and serously how can anybody trust carrol and schneider yet they havnt showed anybnody anything yet

Frank Q: i am sorta bummed we didn’t go after wilkerson. you guys saw how well our D played with a solid 5 tech DE before red went down.


Matt Daniel: The Hawks need a big fat pig for the front line and a future QB after Hass. I like it, but I don’t.

Larry Nflhitman McDaniel: I like the pick and for those of you who are questioning it should think about how the Seahawks took the sure thing in Aaron Curry and the hawks got a great draft grade lol.

Cory Maas: I’m not going to question Tom Cable. Carpenter played in the SEC against some of the best Defensive Lines and the best Running Back in College Football last year ran behind him.

Brad Kevin Howe: Reach. Would have been available in 2nd round. Jimmy Smith will be a pro bowler.

I’d love to get your thoughts on the matter, so please leave them below!

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James Carpenter? The fans react