This yahoo will continue to second-guess Eric Wedge

May 30, 2012, 11:13 AM | Updated: 11:26 am

By Jim Moore

In today’s Seattle Times poll, readers were asked to weigh in on Eric Wedge. How much is the Mariners manager to blame for the team’s struggles this season?

When I looked at the poll this morning, 56 percent of the respondents voted “Little or none.” Thirty-seven percent said: “Some.” And 7 percent said: “Most.”

I’m guessing that the last group, the ones who think that Wedge is most responsible for this 22-30 team, are the biggest yahoos on the planet. As if anyone could manage this collection of players to greatness.

Eric Wedge recently used the word “yahoos” when referring to those who have questioned his lineup philosophy. (AP)

The use of the word “yahoos” is intentional because it is the one that Wedge used last Sunday in reference to people who don’t know what they’re talking about when it comes to the Mariners.

“You’re not going to have a consistent lineup until you know what your players are capable of doing,” Wedge told reporters. “They’re too young. So for all the yahoos out there that say you should play the same people every day, that you haven’t had a consistent lineup, you don’t know (expletive). Period. Because you can’t do that until you know what you have.”

Personally, I love the word “yahoos.” In its singular form, Yahoo is known as an internet corporation, and it’s also where I get my e-mail at

Yahoo is also known as something you do when you’re really happy about anything, maybe even a rare win by your baseball team, as in: “YA-HOOOOOOOOO!!!”

But in Wedge-speak, yahoos referred to idiots or dunces or know-nothings. To his credit, calling the know-nothings “yahoos” is better than calling them idiots.

Wedge’s mini-rant got me to thinking about a bunch of things:

• Who exactly are these yahoos? Fans? Seamheads? Sportswriters? Brock and Salk? Bob and Groz? It certainly couldn’t have been Kevin and I because we’re dedicated to bringing you the most insightful and informative breakdowns of the Mariners each and every day, each and every hour, each and every minute — aside from those many days when we don’t.

• And if we are one of those yahoos, should we be mad at Wedge for calling us out? What exactly makes us yahoos anyway? Because we wonder about Ichiro hitting third? Because we wonder why Figgy’s still on the team? Because we wonder if it might be better if players such as Justin Smoak and others would be better served to hit in the same spot in the lineup instead of being jacked all over the place?

• I’ve been called so many other things that “yahoo” is actually an upgrade. I’m going to wear that sucker with pride, like it’s a badge of honor. I’m going to talk to the Mariners about having a section set aside at each game for “Wedge’s Yahoos,” just like the team does for Felix Hernandez in the King’s Court when he pitches.

We won’t necessarily cheer or boo Wedge when he comes out to make a pitching change; we’ll just question whatever he does because, after all, we’re yahoos and that’s what we do.

As “Wedge’s Yahoos,” we hope that our manager loses it soon. We want him to have a Lou Piniella tirade to end all tirades. We’re talking bases being thrown, dirt being kicked onto umpires’ shoes, water coolers being thrown out of the dugout, bats being broken over his thigh. It is long overdue, and you just know from listening to him talk and seeing those eyes of his that he’s got a gasket somewhere that’s about to blow.

We’re just yahoos who are frustrated with watching his team. Imagine how Wedge must feel. He’s the captain of a ship with sub-par deckhands who are destined to encounter rocks more frequently than smooth water.

But here’s the thing about him calling us out. As “Wedge’s Yahoos,” we love that. Eric, baby, we want you to keep saying what’s on your mind. Don’t filter stuff for our benefit. Keep being candid about your team.

“Wedge’s Yahoos” may question other things, but we’ll never have a problem with that.

Now then, about Ichiro …

Jim Moore also writes for his website,, and the Kitsap Sun every Monday. You can reach him at [email protected] and follow him on Twitter @cougsgo.

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This yahoo will continue to second-guess Eric Wedge