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Seahawks WR DK Metcalf, Tyler Lockett, David Moore, Freddie Swain
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Bumpus: WRs likely concerned about Seahawks’ Russell Wilson situation

How do Seahawks WRs DK Metcalf and Tyler Lockett feel about Russell Wilson reports? (Getty)

Seahawks quarterback Russell Wilson recaptured the attention of the NFL world Thursday in a big way.

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The Athletic reported about Wilson’s frustration with the Seattle organization, including an instance where he reportedly stormed out of a meeting when it was made clear his ideas for the team’s offense weren’t being considered.

Later, ESPN’s Adam Schefter reported that Wilson’s agent Mark Rodgers told him that Wilson has not asked for a trade, but if the two sides go down that road, Wilson would like to land with the Chicago Bears, Dallas Cowboys, Las Vegas Raiders or New Orleans Saints.

Here at 710 ESPN Seattle, we’ve had hosts and guests dissect the rumors and Wilson’s offseason comments, as well as take a stab at how members of the Seahawks are feeling about the situation, such as the offensive line, the coaching staff and front office and the defensive leaders.

But what about the guys who Wilson throws the ball to the majority of the time?

Last season, the Seahawks had two 1,000-yard receivers in DK Metcalf and Tyler Lockett. Metcalf set the franchise record for receiving yards in 2020 while Lockett set a Seahawks record for receptions in a single season, becoming the first Seattle receiver to catch 100 passes in a season in the process. Wilson, meanwhile, is the only starting quarterback Lockett and Metcalf have played with in the NFL.

Both Lockett and Metcalf are under contract for 2021, so how are they and other Seahawks receivers feeling seeing Wilson’s name pop up in trade rumors and seeing his frustration with the team being made so public? Former NFL receiver Michael Bumpus shared his thoughts Friday morning on 710 ESPN Seattle’s Danny and Gallant.

“If I’m a receiver, specifically DK, Lockett and David Moore because they’re the ones who contributed the most, I’m a bit concerned,” he said. “I feel like (Wilson is) going to be back (next season), but I’m still concerned.”

If Bumpus was in Metcalf or Lockett’s shoes, he said he would be contacting Wilson to see how he’s doing as well as asking about things like workouts.

“I’m getting a feel for him because you’re only as good as your quarterback, you’re only as good as your offensive line, you’re only as good as your offensive coordinator,” he said. “All three of those things need to work together and I’m making sure that Russell Wilson is in a good place.”

Seattle’s receivers, along with the organization and really every other player on the roster, have not made it clear what Wilson has been saying behind the scenes to them, and for all we know, Wilson could be making it clear he’ll be back with the Seahawks next season.

“DK probably has more insight than we do. Lockett, Russell might be telling him, ‘Look, I’m not going nowhere, this is all part of negotiation and I’m trying to make stuff happen for us.’ Who knows?” Bumpus said.

The most concerned of that receiver room is likely Metcalf, according to Bumpus.

“I am definitely concerned, especially if I’m DK,” he said. ” … (Wilson) believes in him and trusts in him. And that’s what you need as a receiver.”

In the conversation, Paul Gallant noted that Lockett played with fellow receiver Doug Baldwin for a few seasons and that Baldwin notably had a less than stellar relationship with Wilson but is on good terms with Lockett. Could that sway how Lockett views this ongoing situation with Wilson?

“Lockett just seems like the guy who’s going to sit back and let it happen,” Bumpus said. ” … He does have a relationship with Doug Baldwin, but he’s smart enough to make his own opinions. He’s had a great relationship with Russell Wilson. There’s nothing that leads me to believe there’s any kind of beef, any kind of animosity (and he’s just sitting back and watching this play out).”

Listen to the discussion at this link or in the player below.

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