Groz: Seahawks’ offseason frustration a telltale sign the end is beginning

Feb 10, 2021, 12:16 PM

Seahawks Russell Wilson Pete Carroll...

Seahawks QB Russell Wilson has been voicing some of his displeasures publicly. (Getty)


I see the storm clouds on the horizon and try not to panic. I hear the muttering voices of dissatisfaction and try not to listen. I hear and see the telltale signs from the player and the fans and understand what is to come.

Are Russell Wilson’s feelings about Seahawks’ O-line justified?

The overarching story of this Seahawks offseason is clear to me though it is yet to be written. In fact, not much can be done this year other than sowing the seeds of discontent, but I fear the Seahawks’ retreat from the NFL elite has begun and there is enough blame for everyone.

Don’t get tired of winning. Those who have listened to me over the years have heard me say it countless times. You’ve seen organizations do it time and time again, often with disastrous results.

We are starting to see it this offseason with the Seahawks.

It starts with losing touch with reality. For many fans, the opportunity to get back to the Super Bowl is slipping away. The year-end frustration is growing, and so begins the namecalling and fingerpointing. Sides are being taken. Are you with Pete Carroll and John Schneider, or are you with Russell Wilson? Because things are getting bad and have to change.

Ignored is the fact that in the past four regular seasons, the Seahawks have gone from nine wins, to 10, to 11, to 12. Playoff success hasn’t been there, I understand – and it is frustrating – but do you think it would be better to be going the other way?

Then Russell and his people let it be known that they aren’t happy with his protection from the Seahawks’ offensive line. This is after Seattle gave him a nine-figure contract and designed an offense that for this season at least allowed him to produce some record numbers. If he’s laying the groundwork for a trade demand I understand, and the house is falling down anyway. If he wants to stay, this is not the way.

Everyone uses Tom Brady as an example, whether it’s not taking max contracts (which isn’t exactly true) to his control over personal matters (which is completely untrue).

This is a mistake. Brady is the outlier of all outliers. No one’s situation compares to him in the history of the game. He didn’t complain when he played behind bad O-lines or had few quality receivers. Brady is clearly the best and everyone else is the rest.

Look, I know the ideal way to win a Super Bowl for the rest of us who don’t have Brady is to get a great young quarterback in the draft and take advantage of his rookie contract. Worked here and worked in Kansas City. Didn’t work in (deep breath) Dallas, Detroit, Jacksonville, New York twice, and, well, just about everywhere else. It’s not just something you can do, and most teams miss.

Look, the last 15 Super Bowl-winning QBs besides Brady includes two players drafted No. 1 overall (the Manning brothers), a couple guys drafted mid-first round (Ben Roethlisberger, Joe Flacco, Patrick Mahomes), a late first-round pick (Aaron Rodgers), a second-rounder (Drew Brees), and a few third-rounders (Wilson, Nick Foles). Brady, lest we forget, was a sixth-round pick.

The Mariners could not get over the hump to a World Series in the 1990s and early 2000s, let Lou Piniella go to Tampa Bay, and they still haven’t recovered. When the Sonics lost Shawn Kemp followed by George Karl, it was over.

If you are winning consistently, you have a better chance of having the ultimate success than if you’re not – obviously.

The Seahawks are consistent winners. Don’t blow it up; just tweak it. There are those of us who remember when the Seahawks struggled to draw fans and had very little hope. And it wasn’t that long ago.

It can happen again.

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