How Shane Waldron as Seahawks OC could fit Russell Wilson perfectly

Jan 28, 2021, 8:18 AM
Seahawks Russell Wilson...
Russell Wilson may be better suited for the Rams' style of offense than Jared Goff. (Getty)

We know Shane Waldron is likely going to be announced as the Seahawks’ next offensive coordinator, but we’re still trying to figure exactly what that means.

O’Neil: Seahawks will change more than run game with Waldron as OC

Despite having been an assistant coach in the NFL since 2016 and a total of seven years experience in the league since 2008, Waldron has yet to be an offensive coordinator or play caller for an NFL offense. He’s been the passing game coordinator for the Los Angeles Rams since 2018 and had stints during his tenure with the Rams as a tight ends coach and quarterbacks coach, however, and that may provide a clue at what he could do for the Seahawks.

The Rams are known for dressing up their offense, making things look more complicated than they actually are, and it works. Just go look up some highlights of Los Angeles’ tight ends making big catches down the middle of the field against the Seahawks over the past five years – they’re not very hard to find.

Even if Waldron didn’t call those specific plays, it’s safe to assume he had a hand in putting them together, and that signals to former NFL linebacker Dave Wyman something that could be perfect for Seahawks quarterback Russell Wilson – even more so than for Rams QB Jared Goff.

On Wednesday’s edition of 710 ESPN Seattle’s Wyman and Bob, Wyman explained that the offense the Rams have utilized under head coach Sean McVay – whose staff has included Waldron since Day 1 – relies upon the “illusion of complexity,” and that’s something that could fit Wilson’s skill set perfectly.

“Here’s the thing that appeals to me,” Wyman said. “It looks to me like, yes, Jared Goff, can operate that offense and everything, but if you put somebody in there with a little bit of sleight of hand like Russell has (he will thrive). He’s really good with fakes, play-action pass he’s one of the best, I think he’s one of the best as far as ball handling goes.”

Wyman and co-host Bob Stelton went on to discuss how former All-Pro quarterback Boomer Esiason was perhaps the best ever at deceiving opposing defenses with his ability to sell a fake handoff or keep defenders’ focus on him after he had handed the ball off, and it’s something Wyman thinks Wilson has shown he can do but may be able to utilize better if Waldron brings some of the Rams’ concepts to Seattle.

“Russ has that,” Wyman said about the deception Esiason was known for. “That’s kinda what this (Rams’) offense has always been about, the illusion of complexity, building all of these different formations and then basically running a basic play out of it.”

Wilson has something else going for him that Goff doesn’t have and Waldron may be able to tap into.

“The plays that (the Rams) run are not super complicated or complex, (but) they have surprising play calls,” Wyman said. “Who’s a better creator (between Wilson and Goff)? We talked about creators or executors for a guy like Russell versus a guy like Jared Goff. … I’m just assuming that all of these plays, all of the creativity, that (Waldron) is part of it and that’s what he’s going to bring here, and I think it’s good news. We saw Jared Goff pull it off and make it to a Super Bowl, and he’s not one of those guys that can just magically make things happen (like Wilson). He’s a guy that you tell him what to do and he can execute.”

You can hear Wyman and Bob’s full conversation in the opening segment of Wednesday’s show at this link or in the player below.

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How Shane Waldron as Seahawks OC could fit Russell Wilson perfectly