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Seahawks DK Metcalf
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Groz: Maybe Pete Carroll agrees with DK Metcalf about Seahawks’ offense

Seahawks wide receiver DK Metcalf has made some waves this week.

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In response to a question from former Seahawks wideout Brandon Marshall on the I Am Athlete podcast, Metcalf shared his thoughts on why Seattle’s offense struggled as the season wore on after a strong first half.

Teams just started to figure us out,” Metcalf said in the interview. “We’ve been running deep pass ever since Pete (Carroll) got there. Play action. Run the ball, run the ball, run the ball, go deep. Teams just said, ‘We’re just not gonna let you all go deep.'”

That quote raised some concerns that Metcalf was speaking out of turn or showing the first signs that he could be a disruption for the Seahawks going forward.

Dave “The Groz” Grosby has a different way of thinking about it, however.

“I have an alternate theory to consider: Pete Carroll agrees with him,” the longtime 710 ESPN Seattle voice says in his most recent Just A Minute segment.

And why could that be? Well, the fact that Brian Schottenheimer is no longer Seahawks offensive coordinator is a pretty good reason.

“I say that because (Carroll) has already fired his offensive coordinator, and if asked the question if the Seahawks became too predictable, he might just agree,” Groz said.

Watch the YouTube video embedded at the top of the post for Groz’s full thoughts on the situation, including why he thinks Carroll’s stated desire to run the ball more doesn’t mean the Pro Bowl wide receiver will start taking a back seat in the Seahawks’ offense.

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