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Video, transcript of Tom Cable on new Seahawks RT Germain Ifedi

Seahawks offensive-line coach Tom Cable spoke with reporters Thursday about the first-round selection of right tackle Germain Ifedi. Video is embedded above. A transcript of his comments is below.

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(On what he likes about Ifedi) “This is one of the number of guys that I got a chance to go work out. He did a fantastic job in his workouts. I felt like he demonstrated a lot of the traits that we look for since we’ve come to Seattle. The nice thing about Germain is that he’s got the flexibility to play a couple spots. I think it’s the same with the J’Marcus Webb guy they signed. As typical of us, we try to find guys that can play more than one spot. I think down the road, long term he’s a guy that can be a cornerstone player for you.”

(On if he would describe Ifedi as an ass-kicker)
“Yeah. One of the things I tried to do in the workout was to press him, to see how far I can take him. He never backed down. He handled the workout beautifully. One of the characteristics coming in, was I knew there was a toughness about him. Since he’d become a starter, he hadn’t missed a day, whether it was a game or practice, so you’re talking about a big powerful guy. He’s a little bit raw fundamentally, so there’s some cleanup to do. It’s an easy fix, I think. What I liked about him was that around the school, if there was an issue with Texas A&M, this was a guy that can fix those kinds of issues. He’s wired right, he’s not about beat us. He’s about hard work. Terrific brain on him, so I’m very excited.”

(On if Ifedi can develop quickly enough to be an impact player as a rookie) “You certainly hope so. That’s why we picked him with the 31st pick. The fact that he’s played both guard and tackle in college bodes well for both him and us. For me, I think when you watch him, he can get out of whack, but he was the one guy the scouts and I felt like could right himself. He could get out of whack, but he can get himself back in position. He was picked for a reason, and I think he’s the one guy that you can clean up right away.”

(On some of the things he saw when Ifedi’s technique went awry) “It’s the style of play. What they do is kind of a retreat set, back up catch and hold on. In this league, that won’t do it. You have to close face on people and use your strength and your power and size. He’s going to have to learn how to do that. He’s going to have to learn how to play with leverage. It’s not a system where he’s coming from that they come off the ball and try to knock you back and all those things. The cool thing is he’s wired to do that. It’s a matter of teaching him and getting him the rest of it. Very excited about that. Distance for me, getting him where he needs to be, I think is rather short.”

(On if there was a game that stood out as they were scouting Ifedi) “I think one of the things that’s really valuable to know, and we all do in the coaching business, is that when you play in that particular league, the SEC, you’re probably more ready in terms of the NFL, coming in as a lineman. You’re playing all those big crowds and loud noise, against extremely talented pass rushers pretty much every week. The competition won’t phase him a bit.”

(On when he first got excited about Ifedi) “It was earlier [than the Pro Day]. It was on film. I think the more you watched him, you see his transition from guard to tackle, and back, and back out to tackle, this guy really has the ability to do a lot for you. I was just really, really excited about how he could make things right when they got ugly. He can get wide handed, and get his hips up and all that, and start catching someone who’s so big and strong, and just anchor down on them. That’s impressive. Not many guys can do that. The workout to me closed it out. He’s the real deal.”

(On if what Ifedi fixes is from play to play or throughout a season) “I think really, his whole career. When you watch him, he comes from a place that has produced a number of linemen that have come into the league as high picks, and I certainly think he has the chance to be as good as any of them. It’s pretty exciting.”

(On if he gets nervous when Pete Carroll and John Schneider trade down) “Sometimes. That’s the nice thing, we’ve said this. I think everybody knows that in this room, this is a really quality group of linemen on both sides of the ball. There’s depth in it, there’s good players in it. If it was a different year and we were doing it, I might be going ugh, but I think we’ll find there’s a bunch of good players in this draft.”

(On went into the decision to move a player to left tackle and draft a right tackle) “Well I think that was the plan. When we first got Garry [Gilliam], part of the thought was the athlete was there, and it was left-tackle athleticism. Certainly he had to have a breakthrough like he did last year to prove himself playing on the edge in this league, and did a beautiful job, really from about week five on was outstanding. So the thought to be able to move him over there is really cool. The other thing you’ve got to remember is J’Marcus Webb has experience playing over there as well. So I think by getting Germain in here we’ve really built some fantastic competition with Brad [Bradley Sowell], with J’Marcus [Webb], with Garry [Gilliam], and now Germain [Ifedi], and we need that. We need that kind of depth and quality.”

(On if Ifedi has had experience playing guard) “Yes, he’s played guard in college. Again, I think the fact that he’s done both and done them both well in that league speaks well to where he’ll fit. We’ll get through all that. But I think down the road once he matures and becomes a pro, I think you potentially have an outstanding tackle.”

(On if Ifedi will stay on the right side of the line) “I would think so. Those thoughts really haven’t gone through, it’s just getting someone that had enough multiple ability to do either or.”