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Seahawks Will Dissly
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Groz on the Seahawks’ first loss of this season: The sky is not falling

So, the Seahawks are no longer undefeated. The Groz is undeterred in his thoughts on the team.

O’Neil: After living on edge, Hawks’ highwire act finally tumbles

“I’d argue their overtime loss to the Cardinals was more fluky than anything else,” the veteran 710 ESPN Seattle broadcaster says in his latest Just a Minute segment for

Groz has a lot of reason to back up that point. After all, how often does Russell Wilson throw three interceptions in a game? And even more importantly, how often when the Seahawks get Wilson the ball in the fourth quarter or overtime with a chance to win do they come up short?

“For me, nothing has changed,” Groz says. “Get Russell Wilson to the fourth quarter within a touchdown or so of the lead and I’ll take my chances. It may not have worked this one time in Arizona but it will have to fail a whole lot more for me to lose confidence.”

That’s not to say Groz wouldn’t welcome the Seahawks making some changes. What kind of changes? Well, you’ll have to listen to what he says in the video to find that out (it’s just a minute).

For more on the Hawks following their 37-34 overtime loss to Arizona on Sunday night, click any of the links below.

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