Hawk Talk: Tate’s future, Sherman’s personality

May 3, 2013, 4:37 PM | Updated: 4:47 pm

By 710Sports.com staff

Golden Tate’s future beyond this coming season and Richard Sherman’s outspoken nature were among the subjects discussed when 710 ESPN Seattle’s Danny O’Neil hosted another edition of “Hawk Talk” on Friday.

You can find the transcript of the chat here. Below are some highlights.

cliff assumes Jaye Howard, Tony McDaniel and Clinton McDonald won’t all make the team if Seattle chooses to keep 10 defensive linemen. He asked which of those two were most likely to be cut.

Danny O’Neil: It’s too early to do that number crunching, primarily because the result of the experiments with Cliff Avril and Bruce Irvin at linebacker. I do not expect to see McDaniel released. Of all the additions this year, it’s only McDaniel and Jesse Williams that fit the big-bodied D-line blueprint previously embodied by Alan Branch.

From his Twitter spat with fellow cornerback Darrelle Revis to his contentious exchange with ESPN’s Skip Bayless, Richard Sherman has been front and center lately. (AP)

Shoes asked whether the reason cornerback Richard Sherman has been so outspoken this offseason might be because he’s attempting to goad opposing cornerbacks who might otherwise avoid throwing his way.

Danny O’Neil: Here’s what I think about Richard Sherman and his personality: He sees no downside to being front and center because he really doesn’t care what others think of him. If it gets him more attention? Well, that’s good he plays a position where the best players cause opponents to look elsewhere. He’ll be happy people know him. If it makes opponents want to prove him wrong? Even better. He’ll get opportunities to make plays.

And in the criticisms of Richard Sherman, people kept asking what was the upside in going on with Skip Bayless and getting into a rock fight? Well, I turn that around: What was the downside. If you don’t care about being seen as egotistical and combative by the public – and I truly don’t think he cares about that – then what’s the problem.

dharmabruce thinks “it’s obvious” that the Seahawks are experimenting with Irvin at linebacker because of his shortcomings as a defensive end. He suggested the move wouldn’t be a consideration had Irvin collected, say, 11 sacks as a rookie.

Danny O’Neil: Not sure on that, and here’s the reason: Seattle has shown a willingness to modify its defensive scheme to get as many talented players as it can on the field. It doesn’t approach it like: Here’s our system with its stated roles, and who fits best where? Seattle’s goal in this case is to find a way to get Irvin and Avril on the field at the same time and to see how the format can be used.

Dr. Arakaki asked whether the Seahawks could conceivably keep both Michael Robinson and sixth-round pick Spencer Ware on the 53-man roster considering they both play fullback.

Danny O’Neil. Sure. Not uncommon for the team to have kept five running backs in the past, but in that situation, it’s hard to see the team keeping more than five wide receivers.

ATotalWimp asked which of the Seahawks’ nine undrafted free agents, if any, have the best shot at making the team.

Danny O’Neil: One of the linebackers Seattle signed, John Lotulelei out of UNLV and Craig Wilkins out of Old Dominion. A big selling point Seattle made in the pursuit of those two was that the possibility of making the roster was increased by the fact the team didn’t draft a linebacker.

Michael asked for some information on Chris Harper, the wide receiver Seattle drafted in the fourth round.

Danny O’Neil: Recruited out of Wichita, went to Oregon as a quarterback and Mike Bellotti found him not quite as tough as he wanted. He transferred back home to Kansas State with the intention of staying at quarterback before moving to wide receiver for the final two and a half years of his college career. He scored a touchdown rushing, receiving and passing as a freshman at Oregon – first player at the school to do that in eight years. Had about 1,700 yards receiving total over his final two seasons in college, and is distinguished by his lower-body strength and ability to fight for the ball.

An anonymous guest asked whether wide receiver Golden Tate will be re-signed when his contract expires after this coming season.

Danny O’Neil: It’s a great question. Perhaps the most compelling one after not only the acquisition of Percy Harvin but drafting Chris Harper. I don’t think the door is closed on that in any regard, and in fact the team believes the acquisition of Harvin will really open things up for Tate. However, if you’re asking my opinion, I think he ends up taking a bigger contract elsewhere, but we’ll see.

Ryan asked where Brady Quinn ranked among the backup quarterbacks who were available.

Danny O’Neil: It’s an interesting question. Given what I’ve seen from him – and the fact that three different franchises have let him go – no, I’m not sold on it. However, I’m going to say that one of the things that’s very interesting is that the traits you’re looking for in a backup quarterback here are different. You want someone who is going to work well with Russell Wilson, and by all indications, Quinn is someone who is very studious. “He’s all about ball,” was one description I heard. And then, he’s obviously a talented player. A first-round pick, and for him it might be a matter of getting in a less pressure-packed situation to see if he can tap into that talent.

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Hawk Talk: Tate’s future, Sherman’s personality