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Mariners Podcast: 2020 season wrap-up with the big questions to answer

With the not-so-offseason officially underway for the Mariners, what better way to kick it off than with a podcast with James Osborn, AKA Boy Howdy?

Mariners Takeaways: Digging into Dipoto on 2B and 3B, needs for ’21

Fifty-five minutes of Mariners talk wrapping up what we just saw in 60 games from the Mariners and taking a look at what next. The biggest questions: Were they able to get enough out of those 60 games to move it forward, and is it possible that they are on track in their development plan (at least at the big league level) despite losing four months of play?

We take a look at individual performances as well has how the team performed and try to determine what can be viewed as “real” in what could be considered a small sample for young players. I think there are some clear-cut answers, some not so much.

With general manager Jerry Dipoto stating numerous times in the last week that he doesn’t think they are that far off their original goals despite the shorter season and that he believes this club should be in contention next year for the postseason, what will it take to get the Mariners there? Who in the division has taken a step back and what team makes Howdy nervous?

Also included in the podcast, plenty of personal insights from what was before this year an unimaginable but ultimately interesting season. A good look back before we really roll up the sleeves and get ready for 2021.

Watch the video version of the podcast at the top of the post, or hear the audio version in the player below or at this link.

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