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Seahawks WR Josh Gordon
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Moore: Hard to forecast a happy ending with Seahawks re-signing Gordon

Jim Moore isn't quite sold on the Seahawks re-signing WR Josh Gordon. (Getty)

The Seahawks signed Josh Gordon Thursday morning even though he has yet to be reinstated by the NFL after being suspended for the seventh or eight or maybe it was the ninth time late last year.

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You remember that. In the 14th game of the season, Gordon made the most spectacular catch of the year, a 58-yard finger-tip beauty that helped the Seahawks beat Carolina 30-24.

The next day he was indefinitely suspended for violating league policies on substances of abuse and PEDs, ending his season. As noted by Bob Condotta in the Seattle Times, after Gordon is reinstated, he still faces the possibility of being suspended for two more games to fulfill the six-game suspension that is typically doled out for PED suspensions. He could also face the possibility of missing more games for partaking in substances of abuse.

I get it, if you’re a Seahawks’ fan, a player like Gordon improves your team’s chances of winning a Super Bowl. Just yesterday we were talking about the No. 3 receiver battle among Paul Richardson, Phillip Dorsett and David Moore, and now with the addition of Gordon, we’re assuming it’s not a battle anymore.

When you combine Gordon with Tyler Lockett and DK Metcalf, it would be hard to find a better trio of receivers in the league.

What I liked most about Gordon’s five games with the Seahawks last year was that most of his seven catches moved the chains. He was almost always productive on third down.

Then we’ve heard about what a great teammate Gordon is in the locker room and how much he wants to play for the Seahawks again.

But even with all of that, I don’t think the Seahawks should have signed him. I base this on a simple question: I’m all for second chances, even third chances, but seven, eight or nine? Nope, count me out no matter your rationale.

You can point out that his relapse last year was because of his brother’s death according to his agent, Adam Kenner, who said: “That set him back. But since that time, he has realized how important it is for him to take the right steps, do what’s proper, and understand how to manage these issues. He’s instilled the right team around him to make sure he’s on the right path. He understands he’s been given every chance. He looks forward to making the most of this.”

Maybe he will. And I hope he will. I also feel terrible for him after losing his brother. But what about those first six or seven suspensions? What were the reasons then? Did he not feel like he’d been given every chance after the fifth time or did it take eight suspensions for it to really sink in?

I don’t even know if this is a fair comparison, but I remember when Ryan Leaf had drug issues and had seemingly beaten them. I had lunch with him and was happy for him. But he experienced a relapse, and those who were closest to him were shocked that it happened again.

That’s why I’m where I am with Josh Gordon. Everything sounds great right now, but let me ask you something – didn’t it all sound great when they signed him last year? And when he played the way he did? Then poof, he was gone.

I don’t want to see the Seahawks during another playoff push in December having to make another announcement about another drug violation with Gordon. You might think it can’t possibly again, and I would simply direct you to Gordon’s Wikipedia page and read up on his history. It’s littered with transgressions, some of which caused him to be suspended for two full seasons in the prime of his career.

There’s another reason why I don’t like the signing. Average Joes don’t get eighth and ninth chances. I understand why Gordon is an exception – he’s a way, way, way above-Average Joe. Can you imagine your boss giving you eight or nine chances and keeping you as an employee, no matter how much of an asset you are?

I know I’m in the minority on this, and maybe Gordon will stay clean for the rest of his life and help the Seahawks win another Super Bowl. But based on his past, I can’t forecast a happy ending.

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