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The reviews are in and the Thunderbirds give Seattle Kraken two thumbs up

The Thunderbirds players celebrated the naming of the Seattle Kraken. (Brian Liesse/T-Birds)

The players on the Thunderbirds roster want to be where the Seattle Kraken are – in the NHL. It’s why they chose to play in the WHL, one of the top development leagues for the pro ranks. They grew up watching the NHL and are up to date with the latest news.

As the local NHL club announced its new identity last week, the Thunderbirds were watching.

Despite only one of them being from the Puget Sound area, the reviews were overwhelmingly positive. Not only did Thunderbirds players like the name and branding, they see big things for the sport in their adopted home.

Here’s what the Thunderbirds had to say about the Seattle Kraken:

MeKai Sanders, F, Gig Harbor, WA – I am very excited for the Kraken release. I think it is going to promote hockey all over Washington, especially in the youth. Being from Washington myself, I am super excited to have a local NHL team to root for.

Cade McNelly, D, Westlock, Alberta – When I first saw that Seattle had named their NHL team, I was pretty pumped. The logo itself looks very scary and intimidating which makes it unique. Judging by the City of Seattle, there will be so much support from the city for this team. All in all, I’m pretty pumped and excited that Seattle officially has an NHL team and it’s something we can look forward to for hockey being great here.

Lucas Ciona, F, Edmonton, Alberta – I think the name suits Seattle really well and is also unique. I especially liked the logo and colors. I think the logo has lots of personality and is very different from the other teams in the NHL. I think the Kraken will represent the City of Seattle very well and it also brings a lot of fans and support to the new and upcoming team.

Kai Uchacz, F, De Winton, Alberta – For the T-Birds, I believe this is a really positive thing that the NHL is coming to Seattle because as a team we get the chance to go and watch and learn. Also, for the hockey community, it will be a positive inspiration for young kids to get out and watch the pros which will get the community more involved in the game. The name ‘Kraken’ was a great choice for the city, and I think it’s gonna be the next big thing in Seattle. Go Kraken go.

Tyrel Bauer, D, Cochrane, Alberta – I think it’s great. The name and jerseys are sharp in my opinion. The NHL team is going to help grow the game in the area and the area’s surrounding. It will give the great City of Seattle even more character and allow the patrons to experience NHL hockey at its finest. The city will fall in love with the game. It has already created a lot of noise. I can’t wait to see the team in action.

Matthew Rempe, F, Calgary, Alberta – I love how there’s going to be an NHL team in Seattle. I think it’s really going to help the game grow in the Pacific Northwest. I think the jersey and logo are super unique with completely different color patterns. I can’t wait for the team to hit the ice.

Keltie Jeri-Leon, F, Kelowna, British Columbia – Honestly, I really like the name and logo with the connection to the sea being very fitting for Seattle. I think that they did an excellent job with the branding and colors as they aren’t very similar to any other NHL teams. Love the secondary logo and how they subtly have the Space Needle in there. Overall, I like the name, and it’s going to be exciting to see what their future holds. It’s a perfect spot for an NHL team as the fans down here are nothing but the best.

Jared Davidson, F, Edmonton, Alberta – I think the release of the name was a great idea with so much build-up and suspense that everyone couldn’t wait to hear what the new expansion team had decided on. Everybody did a great job designing the logo and jerseys and I can’t wait for the people of Seattle to experience hockey at the highest level.

Thomas Milic, G, Coquitlam, British Columbia – The more I hear the name, the more I like it. Love the unique color scheme.

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