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Is the NHL Seattle team name here? Video hints at Thursday reveal

A rendering of where the NHL Seattle team will play. (

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It sure seems like the team name will finally be revealed Thursday, at least, as a video released Wednesday evening on the pro hockey expansion franchise’s Twitter account points to a big announcement at 9 a.m. in the morning.

Watch the video here. We’ll get to a few things after.

The video features three people on a fishing boat in the middle of the bay pulling up the day’s catch. In the net is a red light. As two people are examining the light, a Washington state ferry blows its horn in the background and the light flashes a few times. Some dramatic music plays and the end graphic reads, “tomorrow.”

Of course, Seattleites are guessing that this is a hint as to the team’s new name, which we’ve all been waiting for. Not only is the entire region now giddy with excitement, but they’re also reviewing, once again, the list of name possibilities – especially on Twitter.

What the NHL Seattle team name could be

Based on the theme of the video of workers on a fishing boat, it would seem highly likely that the team name will be something related to the sea. That could of course be any of a number of possible names – Sockeye, Steelheads, and the name that has been most heavily rumored since the team was granted to Seattle by the NHL, the Kraken.

The appearance of the red light has some guessing a different possibility – Sirens. That could be a red herring (sea pun NOT intended), however, and just an indication that this is a hockey team we’re talking about, because that’s the same kind of light you see in the arena when a team scores a goal, and the ferry horn sounds like what you would hear, as well.

Something else the video appears to be hinting at are the team colors. There’s a whole lot of orange featured in the clothing worn by the actors in the video, in addition to various greens and blues.

The Seattle Times reported last month that a name wasn’t likely until at least fall, but the guessing game may finally be over Thursday morning. Regardless, we have at least another night to speculate.’s Brent Stecker and’s Stephanie Klein contributed to this report.

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