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Seahawks CB Quinton Dunbar
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Moore: Based on what we’ve heard, Seahawks should cut ties with Dunbar

Jim Moore thinks it's time for the Seahawks to release Quinton Dunbar. (Getty)

Have you been following the details involving Seahawks cornerback Quinton Dunbar and Giants cornerback DeAndre Baker in a robbery that may or may not have happened in Florida in May?

Can Hawks take a step forward on D without Dunbar? Reed will be key

It may or may not have involved guns. It may or may not have a motive of losing money while gambling.

On one day, according to the victims anyway, all of it appears to have happened. Until the next day when they said that no, it actually didn’t.

Which at the time made you think “hmmm, I wonder if the victims were paid off to change their stories.” And last Friday, according to a New York Daily News story, it appears that maybe they were in fact paid off. But then the players’ attorneys claimed otherwise, citing extortion.

This week, there will be another hairpin turn with another unexpected development, and if you’re a Seahawks’ fan, you’ll probably hope that it’s one that will pave the way for Dunbar to play for the Seahawks.

But if you’re like me, you’ve heard enough. You’ve reached the “no mas” portion of the program. I don’t want to see Dunbar in a Seahawks uniform anymore. And I did, thinking the acquisition of Dunbar from Washington for a fifth-round pick was the Seahawks’ best move of the offseason.

Dunbar was rated as the second-best cornerback last year by Pro Football Focus. He is expected to be an upgrade from Tre Flowers at right cornerback.

But where do you draw the line on how badly you want your favorite team to win a Super Bowl? Does it matter who’s out there as long as they’re playing really well? Or are there off-field standards that should be met regardless of the player’s talent?

You can also say “innocent until proven guilty,” and I’d certainly see your point with that. And if Dunbar is found to be innocent of the four armed robbery charges he faces or if the charges are dropped, shouldn’t he be allowed to play for the Seahawks?

Technically I know you’re right, but from what I’ve heard and read about the case, I’d still argue that the Seahawks should go with Flowers and release Dunbar.

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