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Marshawn Lynch stops by ‘The Barbershop’ on 710 ESPN Seattle

"I feel like I was never meant to be famous," Marshawn Lynch said in a rare interview with 710 ESPN Seattle. (AP)

Why doesn’t Marshawn Lynch like to speak to the media?

It’s a question that has largely gone unanswered because of, well, the fact that he’s so rarely heard from.

Lynch granted a rare interview Monday with “The Barbershop” – a new show on 710 ESPN Seattle and hosted by Terry Hollimon, Gee Scott and Lynch’s former Seahawks teammate Marcus Trufant – and among the subjects was his reluctance to be in the spotlight.

“You know, I enjoy myself, but you know, being in this position, I feel like I was never meant to be famous,” he said. “So somebody wanting to, you know, keep tabs on me and follow my every move ain’t something that I’m into. But, you know, for the love and support, you know, I appreciate that, you know, off top. But I mean, sometimes it might get a little bit out of hand with certain people. I understand the fact that they don’t see athletes that often or people you would say that’s in my position, but sh–, at the end of the day, we get up in the morning, sh–, shower and shave the same way everybody else do.

“That’s my perspective on it, but I mean, you know, it will be just like a Twitter quote, people will look at it and make their mind up on it and when they see it’ll be the same thing it was as if they didn’t see it.”

There was a whole lot more during a 10-minute interview in which Lynch was candid, unfiltered and funny. He talked about the motivation behind his charity work as well as his demeanor on gameday, and he finished by taking part in a game called “Yessir or Naw.”

Give it a listen.