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Zduriencik: Still no diagnosis for Wedge’s dizzy spells

By Brady Henderson

Mariners general manager Jack Zduriencik says Eric Wedge is in good spirits and feeling better two days after experiencing dizzy spells, but the team doesn’t know the cause or when the manager will return to the dugout.

“I spoke to Eric this morning – a couple times, in fact. He’s doing well and he’s on a road to recovery,” Zduriencik told “Brock and Danny” Wednesday. “We’re waiting for the exact diagnosis. We don’t know that yet. We’re waiting to hear that, but I think the worst is behind us and pretty soon I think we’ll get him back here.”

A dizzy Wedge had to be helped off the field during batting practice Monday and has spent the last two nights resting and undergoing tests at the hospital. Bench coach Robby Thompson has managed the team in Wedge’s absence the last two games and will do so again in Wednesday’s series finale against the Indians.

Zduriencik couldn’t offer a specific timetable for Wedge’s return.

“I don’t know that,” he said. “Again, I haven’t had the official word from the doctors. I know Eric’s feeling good, he’s upbeat, but until you get the official word, I don’t know.”