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Charges recommended for Derrick Coleman; Seahawks RB admits to smoking synthetic marijuana

The decision to charge Derrick Coleman ultimately lies with the King County Prosecutors Office. (AP)

Seahawks fullback Derrick Coleman admitted to smoking “Spice,” also known as synthetic marijuana, prior to his crash in October, and the Bellevue Police Department is recommending felony charges of vehicular assault and hit-and-run, according to recently released documents.

According to the police report, Coleman, 26, admitted to smoking Synthetic Cannabinoid at 5 p.m. on Oct. 14, which was about one hour and 20 minutes before a major crash he was involved in. He claimed that he didn’t remember the collision but stated he looked for the other car prior to leaving and couldn’t see it.

A search of Coleman’s vehicle located a lighter, a glass spoon with tarry residue, plus four bags of Synthetic Cannabinoid, three of which were unopened. Police also found edibles containing THC in the vehicle, including gummies and chocolates.

Police said a blood analysis was negative for Synthetic Cannbinoids.

“I believe Coleman’s driving was rash and heedless, indifferent to the consequences and that he was impaired by the drug he had smoked,” Bellevue Police Officer Ryan Parrott wrote on the police document.

KIRO Radio’s Josh Kerns said the Bellevue PD will not comment until a press conference Tuesday. He says the King County Prosecutors office is reviewing the report and will make a recommendation at an undetermined time.

Earlier this month, the Bellevue Police Department said they were waiting on a second toxicology report before making a recommendation on charges.

The Seahawks suspended Coleman the day after his arrest and reinstated him a week later. Coach Pete Carroll said at the time that Coleman’s explanation of the incident and additional information the team gathered were factors in the decision to lift his suspension.

The Seahawks were eliminated from the postseason eight days ago. Coleman is a restricted free agent.

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