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Seahawks TE Ed Dickson: Russell Wilson ‘is the ideal quarterback’

TE Ed Dickson signed with the Seahawks ahead of the 2018 season. (AP)

There’s the Russell Wilson that fans see at Seahawks press conferences — that version of Wilson is a bit boring if you’re 710 ESPN Seattle’s Danny O’Neil. Then there’s the side of Wilson that shows up on Instagram. For Seahawks tight end Ed Dickson, that’s the version of Wilson that he knows.

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Granted, that doesn’t mean he won’t give Wilson a hard time.

“Oh yeah, we all did,” Dickson said when asked by 710 ESPN Seattle’s Danny, Dave and Moore whether he poked fun at Wilson after the Seahawks quarterback posted a late-night video announcing his new deal. “That’s the kind of family and culture we have in the locker room. If we wouldn’t have made fun of him, it would’ve been fake.”

When O’Neil told Dickson he wanted to see more of that version of Wilson because he seems a lot more interesting, Dickson had a bit of advice.

“That’s the Russ I know,” Dickson said. “He puts on his work hat, and you have to respect that … You can’t say many bad things about him. But in my opinion, if you want that (version of Wilson), you are going to have to pull that out of him.”

‘The ideal quarterback’

Dickson said that whether its on the field or his personal life, there is one aspect of Wilson that stands out.

“I think the one thing, personally, for me, that stands out is his leadership – on and off the field,” Dickson said. “Russell is the ideal quarterback. He’s going to be able to take control of your offense, mimic the message from the coordinator, and be productive on the field.

“And off the field, what can’t you say about Russell Wilson?” he said. “He’s a stand up guy, the way he lives his life to the way he gets the guys together in the off season. I’ve been here one year and the amount of times I’ve worked with him behind the scenes … it’s the reason why they are so good every single year. It starts with him.”

Dickson also talked about his engagement and upcoming wedding. You can hear Dickson’s full interview in the audio clip embedded above.

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