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How bad is news that Frank Clark, Bobby Wagner weren’t at Seahawks’ 1st offseason workout?

Jake Heaps reports Frank Clark and Bobby Wagner missed Monday's Seahawks workout. (Getty)

With everybody so focused on Russell Wilson’s contract negotiations deadline and subsequent announcement of his extension with the Seahawks, it was easy for some potentially alarming Seahawks news to fly under the radar.

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That would be that, unlike Wilson, All-Pro linebacker Bobby Wagner and rising star defensive end Frank Clark were not present for Seattle’s first offseason workout on Monday, according to 710 ESPN Seattle’s Jake Heaps.

On Tuesday’s edition of Brock and Salk, where Heaps was filling in for Brock Huard as Mike Salk’s co-host, Heaps and Salk shared their reactions to Wagner and Clark skipping Monday’s workout during the Good News, Bad News, No News segment (which you can find in this podcast).

Here’s what they had to say.

Jake Heaps

“To me this is bad news. With Frank Clark not being there … if he’s going to be on this roster next year, you want him to be in the building.

“The Bobby Wagner situation to me is intriguing. It could be nothing, it could be hey, I’m not there for one day, I’m there tomorrow or the next day and it’s not a big deal. But if this turns out to be multiple days in a row, this is starting to mean something more. … This becomes now a part of your contract (negotiation) tactic and you don’t want Bobby Wagner, the centerpiece of your defense, the guy who’s been extremely consistent in his approach the whole way through this thing, to then start doing something different.”

Mike Salk

“I’m on record not liking these things. I didn’t like it when Cliff Avril and Michael Bennett didn’t show up for OTAs and I don’t like it when Bobby Wagner and Frank Clark don’t show up for (offseason workouts). You want to be the highest-paid players on the team, then you gotta show up for these things. … Show up at OTAs, be a mentor to all of the young guys. There’s value, even if it’s marginal, that comes from you being there. I think it’s disappointing any time veteran players don’t show up for these things.”

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