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Salk: With winning streak, Mariners games already feel like September

Mariners general manager Jerry Dipoto may have got everything right with Daniel Vogelbach. (AP)

The Mariners’ 7-6 extra-innings victory Thursday over the Royals was my favorite win of the year so far. Yes, they scored seven runs (as usual), hit two more home runs and made two more errors so in some ways it was fairly typical. But they were also down late, battled through at-bats, dealt with some lousy calls by the ump and still found a way to get it done.

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It was also cool watching the game with everybody in the sports pit at the 710 ESPN Seattle studios. It felt more like September than April.

So, why? Why does this feel so intense? Why is Brock yelling at the TV and treating this like the first quarter of a Seahawks game already?

Because these things don’t happen all that often and we all just want it to last. Isn’t that why we started watching sports to begin with? We love the rush of seeing our team do something great. Deep down, we all suspect that this Mariners team won’t be doing great things for at least two years and maybe three, and we want to hang onto this as long as possible before inevitability sets in. Not the “same old Mariners” garbage. Just the team we have all been preparing to endure.

At the same time, we are programmed to enjoy the incredible and this certainly qualifies. We want this to go on as long as possible just to see how long it can go.


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